E-mail Reveals ...
Commissioner Cox, Grief & Greer Knew But Took No Action ...
Apparently They Chose To Deceive The Public

Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Below is a copy of an email that was sent to several Texas lawmakers today (7/12/05).

The email, written by an ex-Texas Lottery employee, reveals the truth about
Gary Grief's and Commissioner Cox's knowledge relating to shortages for funding the
amount advertised for Lotto Texas. Clearly it shows their "real" involvement
in the jackpot estimation process one year ago.

In hearing that "Gary Grief is experienced and the most qualified person"
for the position of Executive Director - ask yourself, what kind of "team player"
was he to Reagan Greer, Commissioner Cox and the People of Texas?

The email also alleges Commissioner Cox and Gary Grief requested additional
work to be done by UT yet the work requested was
not a part of the original contract.
A very serious allegation.

Thank you for setting the record straight! Now ya'll read the message.

From: Ex-Employee
To: charlie.geren@house.state.tx.us, kino.flores@house.state.tx.us, mark.homer@house.state.tx.us, warren.chisum@house.state.tx.us, tony.goolsby@house.state.tx.us, delwin.jones@house.state.tx.us, mike.hamilton@house.state.tx.us, chente.hamilton@house.state.tx.us
Subject: lottery investigation
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:50:30 +0000

During the late spring of 2004, there was a meeting to discuss the Lotto Texas jackpot. In this meeting were Reagan Greer, Robert Tirloni, Commissioner Jim Cox, Gary Grief, Patty Leo and Liz Jambor. At that time, it was known that the jackpot could not be funded at the lower levels. The meeting was to discuss other ways to “roll” the jackpot. Reports were given, independently, from Marketing and Financial divisions, showing the deficit in the rolls of the jackpot. Gary Grief was aware at that time that there was a problem. Additionally, when Gary was “in charge” in Reagan’s absence, Gary would refuse to sign the Lotto Texas jackpot estimates. (See how clever Mr. Grief is at leaving no finger prints. However, he has left ONE "fingerprint" and it will surface in the media very soon. About all I can say about this is it will be very interesting to see how he explains it to the Commissioners and to the legislature.)

Commissioner Cox and Gary Grief instructed Liz Jambor to request casino/racino analyses by UT professors who were hired to conduct a lottery efficiency study. The casino/racino analyses were not part of the original contract, yet they were paid for the work out of the original contract.

The problems with the lottery did not go away with the resignation of Reagan Greer. They still exist.

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