Mega Millions Gave Us A Game
With Odds of 175 Million-to-0ne ...
So, just what is "175 million-to-one odds" in layman terms?

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Originally Posted: March 13, 2005
Revised: October 27, 2006 -
(Added link to Professor Busalds students new web site)

I asked Professor Gerald Busald to ask his Statistics students
at San Antonio College to tell me - in layman terms - how I
could best explain what "175 million-to-one odds" means.
The "odds" is how many different combinations there
are in a game. His students did a remarkable job
answering my question. My sincere thanks go to
those young adults. Now here was their response.

175 million playslips stacked one on top of the other (flatways)
would make a stack over 11 miles high.

175 million seconds is over 5.5 years.

175 million dollar bills stretched end to end would stretch
over 17,000 miles, 2/3 the distance around the earth.

And finally, there are only 145 million ounces of gold in Fort Knox.

Signed ...
Statistics Class of 2005
San Antonio College

Whats your Mega-Q?
Professor Gerald Busald's Students Give
Current "True Value" Of Lottery Games

A new, very informative web site - compliments of San
Antonio College students. Very Interesting. Click here.
(Posted 10/27/06)

Now Let Me Ask You Some Questions ...

Do you really think you can pick the winning 6 numbers from this many combinations?

Do you really think that buying more tickets will improve your chances of winning?

Do you have $175.7 million to buy every combination available?

Do you really think any one person needs to win hundreds
of millions of dollars at the expense of millions of other folks?

Do you really believe that the People want these kinds of jackpots
like the lotteries claim? Do you not understand that it's the lotteries
who want these kinds of jackpots because they want your money?

Or, do you think that the People just want games with reasonable chances
of winning one to twenty million dollars? Enough to give financial
security but not so many headaches.

What would your life be like if you won hundreds of millions and is it worth it?

Do you have any idea how winning hundreds of millions of dollars
would "really" affect your life?

Is this kind of money worth not being able to leave home
because you're afraid of being kidnapped or killed by an heir?
Are you ready to hire body guards - then wonder if you can trust them?

Are you ready to worry about the well being of your children?

Are you ready to worry about the well being of your close relatives?

Are you ready to have no friends because everyone would begrudge your winning?
Are you ready to hire someone to do the driving for you for fear of being sued?
Are you ready for everyone you know to hold out their hands wanting something?
Are you ready to be all alone in this world because you're always wondering if
your friend was a true friend or just there to get what he can from you?

Are you ready to take multiple calls per day from people who have deals?
Are you ready to receive stacks of mail daily from people
who have deals and sob stories?

Are you ready for the press to follow and report your every move?

Are you ready to move? Find new schools, churches, friends, places to shop and eat?
Are you ready to be bored because you quit your job and have nothing to do?

Are you ready for your ex-wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, friends
to make contact with you again because they suddenly realized they
made a mistake and found out that they really do love you? Do you
know how many long lost relatives you really have? Do you think
you could "trust" lawyers, accountants and brokers to advise you?

Do you want to live the rest of your life looking over your shoulder?

Well, believe it or not, this is the kind of life many, many lottery
winners have found themselves living. Sad but true.

PS - Wonder where I got my information?
Answer: From the winners themselves.
And may I say to the many winners who have called me ...
many, many thanks for the trust in me in sharing your stories.
May God Be With You.

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