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... Why Is $250K BINGO - Game #1443
Missing From the TLC Website? ...
Is the TLC pretending this ticket doesn't exist?
You decide ...

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Originally Posted June 2, 2013
Revised: June 3rd ... 2 pm

- A Very Interesting Observation - Opinions by Dawn Nettles -

Information removed from Texas Lottery web site and reports - WHY?


On May 13, I received information from the
TLC regarding a new upcoming scratch ticket -
it's a repeat $10 game - $250K BINGO, game #1547.

I immediately noticed something strange so I sent an
email to the Texas Lottery asking them to confirm
that the information contained on the back
of the ticket was correct.


I sent the below message last week and still have no answer. Would one of you please respond.

Also, I just sent a fax of the back side of game #1547 that I received today. I need for someone to confirm that the information is correct.

They did not respond - they totally ignored my message.
Days later, I noticed this game was posted in the Texas Register
and I received an official prize structure from Open Records.
The "prize structure" - in part - gives the prize amounts
and shows how many prizes there are for each prize
level of a scratch ticket. I request this data each week.

So, I sent another email to the Texas Lottery. It said ...
(3rd paragraph covers scratch ticket)


I still have no response to the message I sent on 5/8/13.

I asked about new balls for Pick3 and Daily4. It is now very close to June 1st - I need to know if the balls are being replaced. Players are asking me and I have always provided that info to players. Will you please answer this question so I can get my information ready for the changes.

With regards to the question regarding TV interview Kelly has done, I believe the answer to it is ZERO TV interviews. I've done extensive research and have asked the TX Lottery (the official source) to no avail, therefore, I am concluding that she's not done any and this is why ya'll are not responding. Given the history of the TX Lottery Spokespersons, it is unreal for me to see a spokesperson (Media Director) not give a TV interview in a year and a half.

As for the question I asked regarding game #1547 - I see that the TLC has sent a prize structure confirming the info on the back of the ticket is correct then ya'll filed it with the Texas Register confirming the info is correct. Now that all this has been done, I sure hope you plan to send a press release explaining the changes so players won't be purchasing a ticket under false pretenses. Players who buy these tickets at $10 apiece expect to win something other that what is now being offered. Players have [no] idea that the ticket has drastically changed.

Please respond to my question about the balls and machines for Pick3 and Daily4.

They did finally respond to my question regarding the Pick3 and Daily4 balls and
machines but they still have not responded to my other questions. Imagine that!

Anyway, Saturday (June 1) while working on this weeks Lotto Report,
I noticed that information regarding $250K BINGO, game #1443 -
a current selling game
- had been removed from the Texas Lottery web site.

It's almost as if it never existed. Of course, with my
suspicious mind, I believe they removed the current scratch ticket
from their web site so that players couldn't easily find the prize structure.
In otherwords, with it (#1443) being gone, players can't easily compare
the prize structure with the upcoming new $250K BINGO game #1547.

Let me show you what I mean ...

Here's game #1443 - See it does exist! Front and Back sides ...
And do notice the prizes are listed - top prize $250,000,
2nd prize is $10,000, 3rd prize is $2,500
and 4th prize is $1,000.

This is the same prize structure since inception
of the game as you will see in a minute

Now here are the places where we should find this ticket
on the TLC website .... Definitely it should be listed under
"Current Game List" (1) because the ticket is still selling in the stores
and it has not been issued a close date. But its no longer listed there.
Then it should be listed in the All Levels CVS Report but it
was removed from there too. And it's not listed as an expired
game either - which it should not be found in this location yet.

Current Game List
Ooops, #1443 not shown ....
but it was 2 weeks ago!
(Printed 6/1/13)

All Levels CVS Report

As of 5/31/13
Ooops, #1443 not shown
(Printed 6/1/13)

But, see, it was in the
May 17th CVS Report!

Expired Games

Shouldn't be here, but let's
check anyway.

Ooops, #1443 not shown ....
(Printed 6/1/13)


As of Monday, June 3rd - the ticket - #1443 -
miraculously reappeared on this page!

CVS - Bottom of page -
As of 5/31/13 Report

CVS - Top of next page -
As of 5/31/13 Report

5/17/13 - CVS Report

See for yourself.
Here's the reports

As of 5/17/13 CVS Report,
click here

As of 5/31/13 CVS Report,
click here



Well, maybe they've moved it to Pre-closure Games or
Games Ending Soon? Nope, it's not there either.

1) Scratch-Offs - Pre-Closure Announcements
2) Scratch-Offs - Games Ending Soon
Oops - No #1443 -
Where did that little sucker go?
(As of 6/2/13)


$500,000,000 Blockbuster 1114
3 Times Lucky 1496

$100,000 Cash 1485
$100,000 Winnings 1484
$50,000 Fast Cash 1503
Amazing 8's 1402
Blackjack Tripler 1489
Dallas Cowboys 1424
Hit $100 1386
Houston Texans 1425
Lucky 3's 1458
Match 3 Tripler 1479
Wild Cherry 1481
Wild Doubler $$ 1475
Games Closing with Zero
Top Prizes Remaining

Double Action 1472
Neon 9's 1482
$75,000 Cashword-O-Rama 1510
Fun 5's 1495
Cash Excitement 1486

So why would they remove this ticket from the TLC website?
Just what is the differences between the old ticket and the new one coming up?

History of $250,000 BINGO
Scratch Ticket Prize Levels

Closed, Current And Upcoming

$10 - $250,000 BINGO
Game Numbers
#826, #1022, #1090,
#1346, #1352,
#1359, #1433

$10 - $250,000 BINGO
Upcoming Game
Number #1547

Starts June 24th

Prize Amounts

Prize Amounts

- In Conclusion - Opinions by Dawn Nettles - Questions?
Did someone made a huge mistake and assign the wrong
prize structure to game #1547? Was this error caught when
I sent an email asking them to confirm the information
on the back of the ticket?

Because the ticket information was published in the
Texas Register
and the ticket was assigned a start date,
I can't help but wonder if the ticket had already been
printed and the TX Lottery didn't want to lose the money
spent to print this ticket by pulling it?

As you saw from my message to them, I stated that they
should issue a press release to advise players they are
not playing for the prizes they are accustomed to playing for
when purchasing this ticket.

They also need to make it clear in the press release that there's
really more than "two ways to win" as the ticket incorrectly states!

I find it extremely strange that a current selling ticket - #1443 - has been
pulled from their site. I was not able to update game #1443 in the
Lotto Report nor was I able to update it in the Lottery Informer.

Why do you suppose they pulled ticket
information on a current game?

Oh, and by the way, I'll bet it doesn't take the TLC long
to put the information back up (#1443) after reading this story!



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