Connecticut Secretly Discussing
Switching To Computerized Draws

CT Lottery Players Better Speak Up FAST


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Originally Posted: Dec 30, 2018
Revised: Dec 31, 2018 - Short clarification


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Bad news for CT lottery players ....
Connecticut Has Been Secretly Contemplating Switching to Computerized Draw ...
How scary ....

The Hartford Courant reported yesterday that the Connecticut Lottery is secretly
considering a major change to their lottery drawings. This news comes in spite of the
lottery's first hand knowledge that players have sufficient cause to NOT trust them.
These reasons are at least three fold ...

1) The CT Lottery, as was all other party lotteries, was involved
in negotiations with MUSL regarding how to handle the
Eddie Tipton case
... a case about an employee who rigged
RNG (computerized) drawings. CT has first hand knowledge that
computerized draws can be rigged. So now the CT Lottery, for
financial reasons, wants to switch to drawings that can be rigged?
(There are countless stories on the internet about Tipton and what
he did. Just do a Google search. The story I linked to was an
investigative story using court records and the reporter did
an outstanding job

Anyway ... The party lotteries "negotiations" involved how to "handle"
the press, who to force out (blame), severance pay (how much to pay the
person who took the fall), the conditions in the settlement agreement,
which information NOT to release citing "security" as the reason for non
disclosure, etc. In otherwords, how best to handle an ugly situation!

Interestingly, CT Lottery President Anne Noble, who was
knowledgable with all the sordid details about the rigged drawings,
is no longer running the CT Lottery. She left in Aug 2016 after serving
for 10 years. Having said that, beginning in February 2017, it was
reported that Noble was to be paid $25,000 a month as a Lottery
consultant for them. Which caused quite a stir!

2) The CT Lottery refused to allow their sales and winners
information to be released to me
(The Lotto Report) after each
drawing. ALL states - except CT & Tennessee - permit MUSL to
release this information knowing that I disseminate it to the public.

By the way, the winners information is posted on both the
CT Lottery website and MUSL's website after each drawing. But
they refuse to include that information in a report sent to me?

Ask yourself ... this is PUBLIC information ... why would CT & TN
refuse to release their winners information? I wonder, are they hiding
something or are they just discriminating against The Lotto Report?

3) The "5 Cash Card" game. The Connecticut Lottery totally ignored
KNOWN flaws and security issues
thereby allowing lottery
players to be cheated for a YEAR ... Then they sued their
vendor, Sci Games, for $4 million.

Here's just a few of the stories on the "5 Cash Card" game .....

Six arrested for cheating ...


Now ... I ask you ...
How can players trust a state lottery with such a track record?
As evidenced by rule changes to increase odds on the games
which makes winning jackpots more difficult so they can increase
revenues, is the VERY reason to NOT trust computerized draws.


But ... Having Said These Things ....
I Will Give The CT Lottery Credit For One Good Deed ...

CT refused to sell the "Just The Jackpot" game - which is an add on game to
Mega Millions that began Oct 31, 2017. This game is a complete rip off - IMHO.
So far and as of this date (Dec 29, 2018), the few states selling this game
have brought in $6.4 million in sales and have never paid one cent back
to a player from those funds.

As of Dec 29, 2018, Texas sales were $2,494,581 for Just
the Jackpot and Texas has never paid a cent in prizes
from those sales.

The game only pays if a player has all 6 winning numbers
and when they only cover 4% to 10% of the total
combinations, it's highly unlikely there ever will
be a winner on a Just the Jackpot ticket.

FYI - Wisconsin did sell the game but apparently quit
offering the game. Kudos to them!


One Last Tidbit
Texas also secretly discussed converting TX draws to RNG's.
But their attempt came to an abrupt end in Feb 2005. In fact,
the press caught them not being totally truthful about
the change they were attempting to make. Fortunately,
Commissioner Tom Clowe assured the media that
Texas would NOT convert their draws to computers.
This incident was televised back then! (I'd provide
the link to the news story but the story is no longer
at the location I had - I need to contact WOAI TV.

Though I must say, I keep waiting for Mr. Grief
to try again! <grin>



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