Orignially Posted: Dec 28, 2005 - 7 PM
Revised: Feb 23, 2006- 11:30 AM

Summary of What You Said When You
Completed The Form Below
- The People Have Spoken ... Thank You! -

This in depth report has been sent to roughly 95% of all
members of the Texas Legislature plus various other state
agencies including the Commissioners and the TLC on
YOUR behalf. It was printed and mailed to some and sent
by email (accompanied by a faxed letter) to others. Now
we'll see if we actually have a voice and we'll know
Monday (2/27/06). Click here to read (pdf)

- Comment Period Over For Now -
All total, I received well over 2000 comments with 973 received
in the first 10 days (by the deadline date on January 8, 2006.)
Thank You!

TWO Major Issues Players Need To Comment On
Help me spread the word - the comment period ends Jan 9, 2006

The Good News ...
(1) The Texas Lottery is proposing to give us a straight Pick 6 game again - no
bonus ball
and (2) the Commissioners said they would listen to the
People of Texas. All we have to do is comment. So let's test them!

The Bad News ...
The TLC has two proposals on the table right now. One is
a proposal to convert most of our game rules into "policies and
" and the other is a proposal to change Lotto Texas.

Both proposed rules are bad news for players

The proposed Lotto Texas rule Is NOT fair to the People of Texas
because the odds are too high, the prize allocations were decreased
(meaning lower prize amounts), they "round down" prize amounts and
there's NO guarantee that we'll receive at least 50% of sales.

We must comment and trust that they will finally listen to us, give us a
fairer game of chance, fair payouts, a guarantee that we WILL
receive our share of sales and a voice to be heard in the future.

Details can be found below the form. The comment form is self explanatory too.
Please COMMENT. Just check whatever boxes you agree with then click submit.
I will turn it in for you.


Your Comment Will Be Submitted ToThe Texas Lottery



Check whatever boxes you agree with ... Leave those you don't agree with blank. If you want to say something other than or in addition to what's here, use the text box to say it!

I oppose the TLC converting any part of our rules into internal policies and procedures. Leave all online game details in rules. We have state laws that govern rule making and we expect the lottery to adhere to those laws when making online game changes. (See what this means below. Click here.)

I oppose the pick 6 out of 54 number matrix as proposed. We need fewer numbers to pick from and better odds of winning the jackpot. (If you oppose 6/54, then tell them which matrix you want below)

I prefer changing Lotto Texas back to picking 6 out of 54 numbers but I expect the same low tier prize amounts that we had before. (If you selected the statement above, you shouldn't select this one too.)

I would play more often and probably spend more money if we picked 6 numbers out of 50 numbers (original game)

I would play more often and probably spend more money if we picked 6 numbers out of 52 numbers

I am opposed to the proposed reduced allocations for the low tier prizes. I understand that a 3 of 6 match would pay a guaranteed $3 (down from $5) and a match of 4 of 6 would average $50 (down from an average of $106) under this rule. These prize amounts are too low.

I am in favor of playing Lotto Texas where our low tier prize amounts are less than ever before.

I think it is only fair that the Texas Lottery gurarantee players that we will receive a minimum of 50% of total sales from each and every drawing. Each drawing IS an independent event and as such, no monies for the low tier prizes should carry forward to future draws.

I am opposed to rounding down all prizes amounts. I think it is only fair to round both ways or pay the cents involved. (See what is meant by "rounding down." It's below - scroll down or click here.)

I think our Lotto Texas rule should include details on how the TLC calculates the amount a 6 of 6 winner is entitled to receive when one wins the jackpot. Having this as "policies and procedures," which have obviously been changed mulitiple times over the years, is deceitful.

Additional Comments ... Say whatever you want to say. It will be passed on.

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Your personal data will remain confidential and will NOT be
placed on ANY email list.

*Your Name:
*City, State

After you click submit, you will see what you've submitted. May
I suggest that you also contact your state representatives with
your comments. If you don't know who they are, click
to find out and to obtain contact information.
(See right hand side of page "Find Your Representative")


Summary - Converting Rules To Policies and Procedures - Dec 2005
I can't begin to tell you how bad this proposal is. If the TLC adopts this,
then they can change things on a whim. As is it now, we have a lawful right to comment
before anything changes - if they switch to "policies and procedures", we'll have NO say.
The reason they give for making this change is so that they can change things faster. This
is a bunch of baloney - they shouldn't need to change our game rules that often.
They are proposing to have just ONE general rule for all online games with all the
details converted to "internal policies and procedures."

Do you have any idea how easy it would be for them to switch our draws over
to computerized draws without having to "legally" take comment if this rule is adopted?

Just say you oppose converting to "policies and procedures."
It's the first comment on the form.

Summary - Lotto Texas Proposed Rule - Dec 2005

They've proposed to give us 6/54 again - this is the game we opposed once before
but they didn't listen and gave it to us anyway. The end result was that it failed to increase
revenues for the state. The odds would be 26 million-to-one. If you want 6/50 or 6/52,
they say they'll give it to us. All we have to do is tell them which game we'd prefer.

There's NO guarantee that players will receive at least 50% of sales.
In fact, under this rule - we won’t receive 50% of sales. This is because
they are offering a $3 "guaranteed" prize.

They decreased the prize pool to 50% - down from 55%. This would be OK
IF we had a guarantee that we'd actually receive 50% of sales paid out from each
and every drawing.

The prizes amounts for matching 5 of 6 numbers, 4 of 6 numbers, and 3 of 6 numbers
will be cut in half - this is compared to the first 6/54 game. They decreased the
percentage of sales allocated to these three prizes. This was not necessary.

The prize amount for matching 3 of 6 numbers has been reduced to a
guaranteed $3 ... down from a guaranteed $5.

They increased the dollars going to a jackpot winner from 37% to 40% while
reducing the prize pool from 55% to 50%.What does that tell you?

They are still "rounding down" prizes. What this means is ... If you match
4 of 6 numbers, and the pari-mutuel prize comes to $56.99 - they pay
you $56 - not $57. They should be FAIR - they can either pay the exact
amount or round up if over 50 cents or round down if under 50 cents.

By “guaranteeing prizes” is how lotteries keep a bigger piece of the pie.
It's time they paid us our share of sales. There is a solution to where they
can offer guaranteed prizes where the People do receive their share of sales.
But they did NOT do it in this proposed rule.

The proposed Lotto Texas rule Is NOT fair to the People of Texas. That's because
the odds are too high, the prize allocations are unfair, they round down and there's
no guarantee that we'll receive our share of sales.

Additionally, if they adopt this rule, it will fail to increase revenues for the state.
That's because the low tier prizes are too low for people to keep an interest in the game.
It's basically the same as what they did to Cash 5 that's failing too.

The Lotto Report
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