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Posted - Tuesday, July 15, 2008
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I Need Your Help

Yesterday, July 14, 2008, the following scratch tickets closed. This means that players are not suppose to be able to purchase the game. (The top prizes available was as of 7/12/08.)

#825 - $1 Million Extravaganza - 1 top prize available
#1016 - $1 Million Holiday Winnings - 1 top prize available
#811 - $100,000 Golden Ticket - 3 top prizes available
#779 - $50,000 Maximum Payout - 1 top prize available
#1007 - Big Riches - 1 top prize available
#1038 - I Love Lucy - 1 top prize available
#834 - Money Mania - 5 top prizes available
#1045 - Texas NBA - 0 top prizes available
#1023 - The Flintstones - 1 top prize available
#1013 - Wild Card Cash - 1 top prize available

G-Tech reps have had the past 45 days to pick up these tickets from retailers. But, it appears, they look the other way. All for the love of money.

The TLC assures us that tickets will not sell to the public once the game has closed. Yet I've been finding closed games selling on a regular basis.

I need for ya'll to go see if you can buy these tickets - Please send me an email IF you find that you can buy one or even it you buy it. Today, we've already bought "closed" games here in Dallas.

Why should you care if your retailer is selling these tickets?
Here's why. Should you buy one and should you win a prize greater than $599 ... then you'll have go to a claim center to collect.

When you arrive at the claim center, staff will have you fill out a claim form to collect your prize. One question on the claim form is "when and where did you buy your ticket." So, not knowing any better, you tell the truth and say that you bought it on 7/15/08 or later.

Well, you can kiss your winnings good-bye because they won't pay the prize. They'll say, "Sorry, this game is closed. You weren't suppose to be able to buy it." They'll then give you another scratch ticket of the same dollar value - and most likely, a losing one!

What can you do to help me?
Please, I need to know where all players can buy these tickets statewide. Please, go to your retailers and look to see if they have these games. Send me an email if you find them.

What about all the news here lately about the lawsuits for lotteries selling scratch tickets with no top prizes available?
Texas claims they "close" the game as soon as the last top prize has been claimed. A change made some months back. However, the truth is, they continue to sell the tickets for 45 days with no top prizes saying that they have to give the G-Tech reps time to pick them all up.

This is ridiculous as the TLC can notify every retailer in Texas to pull games any time they want with no delay. But they elect not to do this. As you will see from our experiment, closed games are still out there to buy.

But ya'll have to hurry as I can assure you, as soon as I post this, every retailer in Texas will be notified to pull the above mentioned games!!!

I did an interview last week for a TV station in Florida about the scratch tickets. You should go watch both video's. The first video on this page is the actual newscast, the 2nd video is the "story behind the story." Watch both of them. Click here.

In conclusion ...
Please, go see if you can buy one of the closed games that I've listed above and let me know what you found. Thanks for your help.

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