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Posted - Monday, Sept 7, 2009 - 3 PM
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Is the TLC cheating us?
Many of you have asked if the TLC is cheating and if that's why there's not been a Lotto Texas winner since May 6, 2009 - 35 draws ago. Well, it is my opinion that they are cheating you BUT not in the manner to which ya'll are accusing them. I do not believe they cheating during the draws; rather, they are cheating by giving you a pick "6 from 54 balls" - it's the odds vs the number of tickets sold for each drawing that almost guarantees them there will be no winner. It was their intent to make winning extremely difficult when they changed the game the last time (April 2006).

Let me explain. The odds are nearly 26-million-to-one which in laymen terms means there are nearly 26 million combinations that players can play. The problem is, for each drawing they are only selling anywhere between 1.5 million to as much as 3.2 million of the possible 26 million combinations. This leaves 23 million combinations NOT sold so the chances of having a winner is most likely slim to none.

This is why we fought so hard to have them return our Lotto Texas game to pick 6 out of 50 numbers where the odds, still high compared to tickets sold, would have been 15-million-to-one.

The TLC was hoping that they would sell a whole lot more as the jackpot grew - they never anticipated that sales would fall as much as they did. I know that I backed off and am playing much less than I did because I knew that my chances were nearly impossible. Most of you have told me the same thing.

I hope that ya'll understand how the state is cheating you - it's by selling you a chance to win where they are relatively certain no one will win because they don't sell enough tickets to generate a winner.

There's nothing we can do about this now - we tried in years past to no avail. So in spite of the odds, I'm going to give ya'll some information that MIGHT help us win.

How I suggest you use the Lotto Report to pick your numbers ... A link to a FREE copy is included on this page.
It goes without saying that there are no guarantees that anyone can tell you what numbers will be drawn, including me. And I'm not going to try to tell you what numbers will be drawn. But, I am going to give you some stats that might help you win something - maybe even the jackpot.

I'm going to show you what was printed in the Lotto Report that was currently on the streets for Saturday nights $47 Million drawing (9/5/09). (A copy of this report is also included at the bottom of this page) The excerpt comes from the section called "The Numbers" - a 4 page spread. I tell subscribers that the way I use the report is to pick a number that I believe will be drawn (I call this targeting a number) - then I only pick numbers to play with it that is in the paragraph under that specific (target) number.

Let's say that I chose number 36 (called a "target number") to play Saturday night (9/5/09) and I went to number 36 in the Lotto Report to pick other numbers to play with 36. I want to pick numbers that were drawn the most when number 36 was drawn and that's what's shown in this paragraph. Now, IF I was really lucky, I might have won $47 million because all the numbers drawn Saturday night were in the paragraph under number 36. In case you don't know what was drawn, the results on 9/5/09 were 07-19-36-38-39-43. (The numbers in red were drawn Saturday night)

Excerpt From Lotto Report
Aug 25 - Sept 7, 2009

Lotto Texas Number

09-27-08: 08,10,25,34,36,45
12-13-08: 13,16,23,35,36,50
02-07-09: 05,08,27,34,36,40
02-28-09: 11,15,36,37,42,49
03-11-09: 24,26,31,36,42,54
03-28-09: 04,07,09,10,14,36
04-11-09: 07,29,30,34,36,51
05-13-09: 01,06,19,32,34,36
07-08-09: 03,11,17,23,24,36
8-11 was out 27 times.
7’ was out 26 times.
10-39 was out 24 times.
2-4-17-19 was out 22 times.
12-16-26-34-43 was out 21 times.
3-5-14-15-23-32-35-38-41 was out 20 times.

What this method does is reduce your odds because there are NOT 53 numbers to choose from. Also, let me say that this does not happen all the time - in fact, it's rare that all numbers are included in the paragraph for a potential jackpot win. However, there's usually at least two or three numbers in the paragraph meaning that IF you were lucky enough to have selected those numbers, then you may have won something which is better than nothing!


Using the SAME principle as above, had I chosen number 36 (my target number) to play for Cash5 Saturday night, ironically, I might have hit the 5 of 5 too. It is important to note that this methodology works more often than not in playing Cash5. The Cash5 numbers drawn Saturday night, 9/5/09, were 13-27-28-32-36.

Excerpt From Lotto Report
Aug 25 - Sept 7, 2009
Cash5 Number

06-26-09: 07-13-18-20-36
07-03-09: 06-19-28-31-36
07-07-09: 17-20-26-29-36
07-22-09: 01-04-11-27-36
07-27-09: 19-22-28-30-36
07-30-09: 02-11-25-32-36
08-04-09: 10-11-29-32-36
08-10-09: 11-16-23-32-36
08-22-09: 05-06-17-32-36
2-3-8-12-23 was out 32 times.
16-20 was out 33 times.
5-19 was out 34 times.
1-21-24 was out 35 times.
32-37 was out 36 times.
11-27 was out 37 times.
28’ was out 40 times.
13’ was out 42 times.
‘26’ was out 43 times.

Again by using the "target a number" methodology and selecting only the numbers that were drawn with my target number the most, it reduces my odds significantly because there are not 36 numbers listed in this paragraph to play with my target number.

Use The Lotto Report
I am posting the current Lotto Report for ya'll. It was printed yesterday (9/6/09) and is completely current including Saturday nights draw stats. There are lots of stats - any of which could define a jackpot win. You just have to use your imagination in determining which stats you may want to pick from - The report contains all kinds of info - hot numbers, cold numbers, overdue numbers, repeat numbers, times drawn (in various ways), etc.

Now here is the Current Edition of THE LOTTO REPORT - Sept 8 - 21, 2009 - it's a pdf and should print just fine for you. When you open this file, magnify to 175% for ease of reading.

For those of you who would like to see the last edition (Aug 25 - Sept 7, 2009) where I pulled excerpts from (above), here it is.

One final piece of advise ... Do NOT overspend - there are no guarantees - there are too many IF's and the odds are against you.. Lotto Texas is an unfair game - they don't want winners.

Good luck.



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