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Game Description - The Lotto

Game Description - The Cash 5

Game Description - The Pick3

Game Description -Texas Millions - (Game Ended)

Game Description - Texas 2 Step - Replaced Texas Million -

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A Brief Description of Texas' Games
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The Lotto

A little history first - Lotto Texas was changed on July 19, 2000. Instead of choosing 6 numbers from a pool of 50 numbers, they increased the matrix to choosing 6 numbers from a pool of 54 numbers. This change makes winning anything much more difficult. The purpose was to "reduce winning" so the jackpots would grow and as a result, the Commissions sales/income would increase. In essence, they are enticing spending by dangling huge jackpots for their own financial gain. Unfortunately, winning the Lotto is, for the most part, just a dream and players feel the state is taking advantage of us. Players/Texans said "NO", but they did it anyway. So, for the description of how to play, read on ...

In this game, you pick 6 numbers between 1 and 54. The object is to have all 6 numbers on a single $1 ticket for a jackpot in the millions. (Yes, there is an "s" on the word "million") However, you still win if you get 5 of the 6 numbers or 4 of the 6 numbers or even 3 of the 6 numbers. If no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot is carried over to the next drawing. Jackpots usually start out at an estimated $4 million and with no 6 of 6 winner, climbs to $6 million, $9 million, $12 million, $16 million, etc. Prior to increasing the Cash 5 to 4 nights per week, the Lotto jackpots would climb considerably higher much faster.

Each playslip offers 5 playboards that you can play - the cost is $1 per playboard (for each 6 numbers selected). If you do not want to pick your own numbers, you can buy a Quick Picks. This is where the computer picks the numbers for you.

Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:59 P.M. There are 25,827,165 different combinations in picking 6 out of 54 numbers. The first drawing was held November 14, 1993.




In this game you pick 3 numbers between 0 and 9 and the object is to get all three numbers. There are two basic ways to play but first you must decide how much you want to bet - either .50, $1 or $5. (Hot Tip - Don't play a $5 ticket because if you win, then you'll have to go to a claim center to collect which means you will have to pay taxes on your winnings! Just play a $1 ticket and buy it multiple times.)

To get on - Your first choice in your Pick3 wager would be to choose "exact order" which means that you only win if the numbers come out in the exact order you chose. For instance, lets say you play 589 and bet .50 exact order. If 589 comes out in that order, you win $250. ($500 if you bet $1) If, however, it comes out 859, you lose. Now, if you had played "any order," you would have won $40 ($80 if you had bet $1) because all three numbers came out and it didn't matter in what order. You can also choose to play the numbers in both "exact and any order" at the same time. Its called "exact/any order." You can bet .50, $1 or $5 but you must remember that you are making two bets at the same time. So, if you bet .50 on "exact/any order," your cost will be a total of $1 and if you bet $1, your cost will be $2 and if you bet $5, your cost would be $10. (But don't bet $5!!) Using the same 589 numbers, if they come out in that order, then you win both bets - either $250 plus $40 on a .50 bet or $500 plus $80 on a $1 bet. Now if the numbers come out 859, you win only on your "any order" bet which will pay either $40 or $80 depending on how much you bet.

There are 5 playboards per playslip. For each game you want to play, mark one number (0-9) in each of the 3 columns per playboard. The catch 22 to this game is that they use 3 drawing machines and each machine has 10 balls (0-9) in them. This means that you are really picking 3 numbers out of thirty numbers. But its a fun game and there's only 1000 combinations that can come out.

This game is played every night of the week at 9:59 P.M. except Sunday. The first game was held on October 25, 1993.



Cash 5

In this game, your object is to pick 5 numbers out of 39 numbers (1 through 39) and to have all of them come out . There are 575,757 combinations in picking 5 out of 39 numbers. Each game costs $1.

Winnings are determined by however much was sold - then it's divided by however many winners there are. The beauty of this game is that there is no rollover in jackpots which means that all monies are paid out after each drawing. In otherwords, if no one picks 5 of 5 numbers, then the monies are paid out to the 4 of 5 winners and even trickle down to the 3 of 5 winners. I would say the average jackpots nowadays for a five of five winner is roughly $103,000 and is generally divided by up to 2 or 3 winners. Picking 4 of 5 usually pays around $500 and picking 3 out of 5 usually pays around $25 to $30 dollars.

The Cash 5 is played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's at 9:59 P.M. The game's debut was on October 13, 1995.



Texas Millions
(Game Ended May 2001)

In this game, your object is to pick 4 numbers out of 100 numbers (0-99) - there are 3,921,225 combinations. Each game costs $2. For $2, you select one set of 4 numbers (or buy a quick pick) and if those 4 numbers come out, then you win $1 million.

When you buy a $2 ticket, you will automatically receive 6 more sets of 4 numbers that are divided into two more groups. (Your original 4 numbers are in the 1st group -which is the only group worth $1 million should they come out.) Anyway, if all 4 numbers come out in either of the two sets of numbers in the second group, then you win $25,000. Should all 4 numbers come out from any one of the the four sets of numbers in the 3rd group, then you win $10,000. If 3 numbers come out from any set in any group, then you win $300 and if 2 numbers come out from any set in any group, then you win $10.

The first lottery to play this type of game was the Multi State Lottery. Texas was the second, followed by New Jersey, Kentucky and Washington. Each state has their own "version." Louisiana is planning their first drawing for October 1998. Below is a chart showing the differences between each states version of the game Texans know as the "Texas Million" game.

State Lottery Game Name First Drawing Total Numbers Ticket Cost Sets of numbers per Ticket Winning Groups Top Prize
Multi State Cash 4 Life March 1998 4/100 $1 15 4 $1,000/wk
Texas Texas Million May 1998 4/100 $2 7 3 $1 Million
New Jersey Lotzee June 1998 4/100 $2 21 5 $500,000
Kentucky Cash Quest Sept 1998 4/65 $1 15 3 $50,000
Washington Lucky For Life Sept 1998 4/100 $2 21 5 $1,000/wk
Louisiana Cash Quest Oct 1998 4/50 $1 7 3 $50,000

The above information was gathered on 9-28-98.

This game is the perfect game for those who always pick and win with four numbers while playing the Lotto or Cash 5. After all, if you can pick 4 out of 50 numbers or 4 out of 39 numbers consistently, then you only have 50 more numbers to chose from and that should be a piece of cake for winning a million dollars! (Just kidding)

The first Texas Million drawing was held on May 29, 1998 and drawings are held every Friday night at 9:59 P.M and the last drawing was held on May 11, 2001.


Texas 2 Step

This game was introduced May 18, 2001 - it replaced Texas Million.
For all the details about Texas 2 Step, just click here.


Total Combinations In Matching...

Out of 39 Numbers Out of 50 Numbers Out of 65 Numbers Out of 100 Numbers
6 Numbers 3,262,623 15,890,700 82,598,880 1,192,052,400
5 Numbers 575,757 2,118,760 8,259,888 75,287,520
4 Numbers 82,251 230,300 677,040 3,921,225
3 Numbers 9,139 19,600 43,680 161,700
2 Numbers 741 1,225 2,080 4,950


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