Ten Of The Most Beautiful Black Lab Puppies You've Ever Seen ...

Posted - Sunday, April 1, 2007

Can you imagine having 10 puppies who all look just like this?
They are healthy, sweet, playful, attentive and loving.
Read on for their story and to see the many puppy photographs ...

December 22, 2006 - 9:30 PM. It all started with a knock at our front door. Upon answering the door, we're greeted by two women and one beautiful yellow lab. They said, "Is this your dog."

We said as we pointed down, "No, here's our dog."

However, we did step outside to visit with them. They explained finding the dog and how they felt it belonged to someone because she was so friendly.

They graciously took it upon themselves to find her owner as they didn't want her to get run over or harmed.

As they left our house we exchanged phone numbers. They were after all, neighbors.

20 minutes after they left our house, we noticed that the dog was back at our front door. But this time ... she was all alone.

Knowing we could reach the ladies, we let her in while we called the ladies to tell them where the dog was.

They immediately came back to get her.

Another 20 minutes passed and low and behold, she was back at our front door again.

By now it was 11 pm and we thought this was some kind of sign ... so we let her in thinking we'd call the ladies the next day.


Saturday, Dec 23, 2006 - 9 AM
We called the ladies and they explained they never let her inside their house because they already had 3 dogs. They simply put food & water on their front porch hoping she'd stay there.

"Okay, okay," I thought to myself, "We'll find her owners." While I made "Found" signs, my husband took the dog to all the vets in the area to see if she had a chip and/or could be identified.

No such luck. No one knew this dog.

My husband started the task of hanging signs all over our neighbor hood. While hanging signs, he found one that said, "Found Yellow Female Lab."

"Whoa," my husband thought, "I'll just call to see what the story is. I'll tell them about our find just in case someone calls him but he doesn't have their dog."

Well, guess what?

The dog is the same dog! This man and his wife originally found her at Cracker Barrell Restaurant and they

took her home thinking that she was such a great dog that she "had" to belong to somebody nearby. But she jumped his 3' fence and got away before he got back from placing his signs.

Christmas Eve 2006
We have 40 or so signs up - we even took signs to the vets, pet stores and dog groomers.

No one called about the dog.

Dec 27, 2006.
We called all local animal shelters, SPCA, Lab Rescue - everywhere we could think of to list her as having been found.

We're reasoning to ourselves that the owners must be out of town for the holidays. We'll just dogsit until they return and call us.

Gawd, she's so loving and stays so close. But she's so hungry - she's eating like there is no tomorrow. As for sleeping, she's right there in our bed sleeping lengthwise between us.

Jan 2, 2007
We run an ad in the Dallas Morning News. We're thinking ... "This will work."

Jan 15, 2007
No one called us from our ad. How could anyone turn their back on this dog?

We've decided to keep her. So now she needs a name. My husband can't decide on a name so I finally tell him to take a seat and we'll let our dog, Shelby, pick a name.

I write all the names chosen by my husband on a piece of paper. I put them in a bowl and I tell Shelby (our dog) to pick a piece of paper from the bowl. It will be the final name - no questions, no changes. My husband agrees.

Shelby picked "Maggie." Maggie gets a new collar and name tag today with our phone number on it.

Welcome home Maggie - we love you and we'll provide for you.

Sat, Jan 21, 2007
Maggie eats a lot and she's looking pregnant to me. NO, surely not.

But we know she needs shots and an examination so we decide to go on and take her in.

Oh my God, she is pregnant!

Vet says having puppies is a piece of cake ... not to worry. Dogs take care of everything themselves ... very little human intervention is needed. What a line!

Dr. Jan thinks Maggie will deliver in about 10 days to 2 weeks. Maggie's first vet bill was $100. Not bad we thought. We got vitamins and feeding instructions for pregnant dogs.

Both my husband and I start researching having puppies. The research scared me even more. (Some of you may be laughing right now - that's OK - go ahead and laugh)

Anyway ... my husband decides that the first thing we need is a "whelping box" and he's going to build it for Maggie.

February 1, 2007
After 4 trips to Lowe's and Home Depot and an expense of roughly $350 for materials, Maggie has her own Whelping Box.

It was lined in vinyl for easy cleaning and it sits at the foot of our bed.

Gawd is this box heavy - the base was made with 2 x 4's with 3/4 inch plywood on the sides and bottom. The top edge is covered with aluminum channeling. Its finished size is 4 x 4.

Notice the pig rail inside the box. (Bottom photo) It's purpose is to protect the puppies from the weight of their mother. The puppies can get under the rail so Maggie won't squash them.

The rail comes out of the box so the box can be cleaned easily - It's made from pvc piping.

We're ready to have puppies now. Maggie likes her box and the vet says she knows what it's for.

Feb 12, 2007
We're thinking the puppies sure are late. Dr. Jan has told me what to watch for. Gestation in dogs is only 57 to 63 days (9 weeks) and we're getting pretty close to having had Maggie the full time.

But today I see definite signs ... at 11 am I realized that today is going to be the day. The first puppy should have come by 3 pm - it hasn't. By 5 pm, still no puppies.

I call Dr. Jan and they tell me to bring Maggie in ASAP. Sure enough, Maggie's more than ready to deliver. They try walking her to no avail.

Now for the bad news - A puppy is turned sideways blocking the birth canal. Dr. Jan says we can't wait ... we must do a C-Section and it's costly.

I say OK.

By 8:50 pm we have 10 healthy puppies. The staff brings out 4 puppies for us to see.

"Oh my" AND "What are they," I say and ask! Staff says they are labs.

Dr. Jan eventually comes out to congratulate us. She too tells us that she believes they are labs but it will take time to know for sure. Maggie is doing well.

She also tells me that IF we had waited 1 more hour, we would have lost Maggie and all puppies.

We are to pick Maggie and puppies up tomorrow afternoon.

Puppies are 3 days old ... oh so tiny.

February 15, 2007 - 3 days old
All they do is sleep, eat and go potty. Like newborn babies, they are actually much easier to care for at this age! Their eyes and ears stay closed for 2 weeks.

Whelping box works good. Notice how we have 5 puppies in a paper box lid with lots of room in the box. They are so tiny.


February 16, 2007 - 4 days old
Dr. Jan, the vet, says to feed every two hours and only 5 puppies at a time. So we've got 5 puppies on a heating pad while the other 5 puppies eat. Mama Maggie has been a great mom.

Of course, Mama Maggie is still recovering from her C-Section and spaying. She really doesn't feel well right now ... What woman would feel good after all that?


Feb 17, 2007
Each day we see growth but they are so very tiny. They crawl just like babies.

When Maggie gets in the box, they all start crawling towards her to nurse. It's amazing how they know their mom is there ...


Feb 27, 2007
Today they are 15 days old. Maggie has been a fantastic mom. Above is a rarity - all 10 puppies are on her at one time. It was temporary though.

Mom keeps all puppies very clean. Dr. Jan said this was so very important and IF she didn't do, then we'd have to.

What a relief - Maggie saved ME.

Clean, clean, clean ...

When Maggie is ready to "get out," everybody knows it because she's panting so hard that you can probably hear it down the street.

March 9, 2007

Puppies get their first toys. But in the future I think I'll buy baby toys at Walmart!

See the puppy with his ears up - far left - she's headed over to the sleeping puppy ... It's not "nap" time she tells him!

Puppies have grown so much that we've decided to let Maggie nurse in a plastic swimming pool. 5 puppies at a time. Truth is, it was easier on ME. She lets them sleep on her too.

First good picture of their little faces. Isn't he cute? Of course, I don't really know if it is a "he" or not - we have 6 girls and 4 boys.

Still March 9, for some reason my husband took lots of out of focus pictures. His "expensive" camera has a focusing problem. Take that damn thing back ... dear.

In watching this process one realizes that life is a miracle. They're growing, barking or maybe I should say, "semi barking" and have survived totally from their mom's milk.

Still though, they sleep, play, eat, pee and poop. However, they have discovered that they can crawl out of the whelping box when they want. Thank gawd we bought a painters tarp to put under the box and it covers our carpet.

Saturday, March 10, 2007
(Photo's Sunday, March 11, 2007)

This morning was the morning from hell. At the 6 am feeding - all 10 puppies were crawling out of their box and into the plastic swimming pool and/or casually walking through our bedroom.

My husband - who was pretending to still be sleeping - while I'm trying to clean, feed, chase dogs and control the out of hand situation by hollering - didn't make a move until he heard me say, "OK, I can't take this anymore." Suddenly, he's awake and willing to help.

"Ah ... but it's too late now dear," I'm thinking.

Things WILL change TODAY.

Puppies are relocated to the kitchen and the kitchen is now CLOSED. No more home cooked meals until the puppies are gone.

He didn't believe me ... but he does now.

Truth was, it was time for them to have more room.

As you can see from these photo's taken on March 11th ... the puppies are having fun in the kitchen. We nurse in the dining room - 5 puppies at a time.

Watching them run up and back, sliding on the floor and chasing each other is quite a sight.

And they are much happier too because they see their human family all the time. They've had lots of visitors but now ... they ARE where the action is.

From mopping to vacuum cleaning to washing clothes and hearing TV and computers ... They sit at their little fence and watch and hear it all.

When they hear a strange noise, it's funny to watch them all run towards it.

March 15, 2007
My grand niece, Kenna, comes in from Houston to meet the puppies. She's overwhelmed and has such a great time with all those tiny creatures. They swarm her.

My granddaughter, Gabby, has been with them since they were born so seeing little humans is nothing new to the puppies. They love company - shoot - they love people and they love their siblings and their Mom too.

Poor Maggie ... when she tries to go into the kitchen to be with them they pounce on her like a herd of cattle.

We have to help her lay down before letting the puppies go to her otherwise she's standing up feeding.

I would think this would be most uncomfortable. She has been a remarkable mother.

April 1, 2007

After everybody eats, then they get to lick the bowl!

(White Out was put on a head and a hind leg to help us identify the males.)

We're feeding them 4 times daily now. They get canned food once per day. As you can see, it's two puppies per bowl.


(White out was put on his head to help us identify the males.)

The dishwasher startled him. You sure can see it in his facial expression. Look at those little ears!

The puppies have lots of toys now and they run, play, eat, sleep, pee and poop. BUT, they are being trained to go potty on training pads and they actually do it MOST of the time.

The puppies weighed between 6 and 7 pounds on March 23rd. This is the day they were de-wormed.

This is also the day they quit nursing and went on Science Diet puppy can food and dry food too. I still mix a little puppy formula with their food though I'm only doing it because I have some left over. At $7 per can, I might as well use it and not waste it!

They have an appointment to get their shots on April 9, 2007. They'll be 8 weeks.

Now we're ready to find good homes for them but they can't go to their new homes until April 10 or 11th or so.

Needless to say, we have no idea who the father was nor do we have any background information on Maggie. But it appears we were lucky in that Maggie was apparently selective in who she chose to mate with as they are predominately Labs - and labs are fantastic dogs!

We're asking for $200 each and a guarantee that you will love them and care for them like we do.

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