- Four Interesting Lottery Stories -
1) TEXAS - Mother loses daughter over lotto win
2) Former Lottery Winner In Trouble With The Law
3) Two plead guilty in lottery ticket scheme
4) Cause of lottery glitch remains a mystery

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Originally Posted: June 12, 2005

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Mother loses daughter over lotto win
Web Posted: 06/12/2005 12:00 AM CDT

Rhea Davis
Express-News Staff Writer

Janice Gildein thought her life would be easier after she and her husband won $8.8 million in the Texas Lottery a dozen years ago.

That was before her husband gambled most of the money away and left her with a slew of debt before his 2003 death.

The dream of easy living became even more elusive last week when Gildein, 52, appeared in court after her daughter claimed she was spending the money foolishly and sued her in an attempt to remove her as executor of her husband's estate and trusts.

In the end, both sides wound up with a portion of the future lottery earnings, but the relationship between mother and daughter became strained.

"I never thought this would happen to us," Gildein said during a break in the hearing.

She and her husband, Ed, received payouts of about $320,000 from the state lottery commission each year. After his death, the payments were divided in half and his portion was supposed to go into a trust until the final payment was received in 2012.

Gildein's daughter, Rosanne Fisher, 32, claimed her mother was illegally taking money out of the trust and squandering cash during frequent trips to Las Vegas casinos. She also claimed the trusts were improperly funded.

Gildein testified that she was unsure how to handle the estate after her husband died, but she never embezzled any of the money from the trust. She said she made eight trips to Vegas last year, but, unlike her husband, said she was not addicted to gambling.

An accountant who works for Gildein testified that all the money that is supposed to be in the trusts was there and that previous banking mistakes had been corrected.

After two days of testimony, and gentle urging from county Probate Judge Tom Rickhoff, the mother and daughter reached a settlement. They agreed to "divorce" themselves from one another, leaving Fisher with no legal claim to the trusts. Fisher received $155,000 in the settlement.

Under the conditions of Ed Gildein's will, after Janice Gildein died, Fisher or her children could have inherited the money left in the trust, or it could have been donated to charity. That decision would have been at Janice Gildein's discretion.

In court, Fisher testified she was concerned her mother was going to spend all the lottery money, leaving nothing for her to live on after the payments ceased. She testified that she loved her mother and was only looking out for her best interest.

She declined to comment outside court.

"We don't think (Gildein) is capable of being in charge of the trust," said Mark Smith, one of the attorneys representing the daughter.

One of Gildein's attorneys, Allan Manka, had a different take on the situation.

"When you win the lottery, you get lawsuits from the family," he said. "It's unfortunate."

During most of the hearing, Gildein and her daughter rarely looked at each other. Gildein testified that she was very upset by her daughter's legal action.

But she said she hoped to rekindle the relationship eventually.

"They say time heals all wounds, but right now there is too much anger," she said.

After agreeing on the terms of the settlement, Fisher embraced her mother and the two women began to cry.

"You will always be my daughter," Gildein said as tears fell from her eyes.

Then they said goodbye and the two walked out of the courtroom and went their separate ways.


Former Lottery Winner In Trouble With The Law

KBCI Boise
By Catherine Wilkinson
June 1, 2005

While the current [Powerball] lottery winner continue's to keep his identity hidden from the public, a former [Powerball] winner is having a hard time, staying out of the limelight.

Eric Kyle was arrested last night by Boise Police for allegedly carrying a weapon while intoxicated and being involved in an accident. He spent the night in jail, but has since posted bail.

In February, Kyle won $18.7 million dollars on a one dollar quick pick lottery ticket.

Two plead guilty in lottery ticket scheme

By Vic Ryckaert
Indianapolis Star
June 7, 2005

Two men linked to a scandal at the Hoosier Lottery pleaded guilty today and agreed to testify against a former security officer accused of rigging a $1 million scratch-off game.

Chad R. Adkins and Daniel J. Foltz admitted to theft charges in connection with a scam to cheat the “$2,000,000 Bonus Spectacular” game.

Prosecutors say William C. Foreman, a former security officer at the Lottery, told the men a jackpot-winning ticket was located at a store in Cross Plains, Ind.

Adkins, 28, and Foltz, 31, must repay the $50,000 they split between them as the first installment of their jackpot.

Each faces a maximum of three years in prison under terms of the plea agreement, but since both men are first-time offenders prison time is unlikely. They are scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 30.

Under terms of the plea agreement, Adkins and Foltz must testify against Foreman, 59, at his Aug. 22 trial on charges of theft and disclosing confidential lottery information. If convicted, Forman could go to prison for up to 58 years.

Cause of lottery glitch remains a mystery
One area business reports continued problems with game

Statesman Journal
June 7, 2005

An Oregon Lottery spokesman said the weekend's malfunction in video poker and slot terminals has been stabilized, but players continued to experience occasional disruptions Monday.

Video poker and the newly installed slot games began bumping players off the games Saturday evening.

Lottery spokesman Chuck Baumann said that technicians from the lottery and the video terminal vendor, GTECH, were able to minimize the game disruptions by late Sunday evening, but the cause of the problem remained unidentified.

Baumann said that players still might experience problems with the machines and be cashed out without warning.

Not all locations reported malfunctioning machines, but the problems occurred in machines throughout the state.

"They only went down once today," Del Bayne, the night manager of Magoo's on Commercial Street SE in downtown Salem, said Monday.

Bayne said that the devices went down about 5:30 p.m. and returned to service about an hour later.

He said that some customers patronize Magoo's specifically for video poker.

"If people come in to play them and see they're not on, they leave," he said.

Baumann said the lottery won't be able to ascertain the total number of disruptions or potential money lost because of the malfunction until a final fix is made.

The Oregon Lottery introduced video poker in 1992 and this year added slot machine games to the terminals, Baumann said.

It has not been determined if the work done on the terminals to allow for electronic slot games is connected to the malfunction.

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