Texas Lottery

ONE MAN Decided to Spend
Millions of
SOME Retailers Could
Two Lottery Terminals

They bought/leased 1000 new terminals but
there's 16,000+ retailers. This comes at at time
that state agencies are suppose to be reducing
their spending. The TLC decided to close
claim centers to reduce their spending!
Photo of New Terminal Below ...

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Originally Posted: Jan 16, 2004
Revised: Jan 22, 2004

Below is a photo of what currently resides in the claim
center in Austin
minus Texas' logo's that are placed on
the machine. The actual machine bears a California
Lottery insignia as well as Texas Logo's.
The machine
will take your money, but it won't pay you your winnings.

Notice how it encourages you to check your tickets yet
terminals are known to ERR in reading players tickets.

By the way, Kim Kiplin, General Counsel, told me she
didn't know if the new terminals "could" check players
tickets yet it's clearly on the terminal and it's the main
reason they want them - to reduce the number of
transactions the retailers are having to make.
Retailers are demanding more money OR less work.
So now, SOME retailers will get that raise they wanted!

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For complete details, click here and read 1/20/04 entry

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