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50 vs 54 Balls - The Proposal
Email List
New Names for the Balls & Machines


50 vs 54 Balls Again - The Commission Has Balls!

April 2000 - Since we are in the midst of fighting our case to stop the Commission from adding 4 balls again, which makes winning the Lotto harder, this page is not being kept up. All of my latest news can be found by clicking here.

March 16, 2000 - Can you believe it? They are trying to add four balls again.
Read all about it. Just click here.

Lowering the Minimum Jackpot to $3 Million?

March 2, 2000. At 7:30 pm last night, I finished getting the new Lotto Reports out to all the stores. When delivery times comes around for me, I am very hard to catch and can't do anything else!

I am aware of the story in the Dallas Morning News and in answer to the many emails I have already received, YES, I will give my view points on the subject! I plan to work in the office all day today and tomorrow and this work will include sharing my thoughts on the subject of why I think Lotto sales are down. I will have this story written ASAP!

All Balls Are Back!

Saturday, February 5: The TLC has completed the task of having all the balls weighed and are using the same balls as they originally were. For Lotto Texas, they have ball sets 3 & 4 (orignially named G& H) in reserve. This means they are using ball sets 1, 2, 5, 6 (E, F, I , J). For the Cash 5, ball set 6 (F) is in reserve. They are using ball sets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (A, B, C, D, E). For the Pick3, they have placed ball sets 3, 4 & 9 in reserve which means they are using ball sets 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12.

My House Flooded

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2000. Just a note to tell you that my house flooded last week and I've got a big mess here at home. This is why this page has not been updated. To make matters worse, this next week, not only does the new
Lotto Report come out where I'll be busy getting it to the stores, but I also have a Jury Summons for Monday morning. I'm telling you this so that you will understand why this page and my "Fun Page" has not had anything added to it. It will probably been the 2nd week in February before I have time to work on it. My apologies!

Cash 5 Balls Rotated

On January 17, 2000, the TLC placed Cash 5 ball set 2 (original name B) back into rotation but pulled ball set 3 (original name C). The balls are being weighed and will be out approximately one week!

Lotto Balls Rotated

On January 12, 2000, the TLC pulled ball sets 1 & 2, originally called E & F, and placed 3 & 4, originally called G & H back in. So, for now, they are using ball sets 3, 4, 5, 6, or G, H, I, & J.

Pick3 and Cash 5 Balls Rotated

On January 10, 2000, the TLC pulled Cash 5 ball set 2 (original name B) and placed ball set 6 (original name F) into rotation. While ball set 6 or F was bought at the time the game initially began, it has never been used. It had always been kept in reserve until now.

Also on January 10, the TLC placed Pick3 balls 1,7 & 10 in reserve and placed 3, 4 & 9 in rotation. This is due to "weighing the balls." The TLC replaced all ball sets and machines for the Pick3 on November 1, 1999.

A Nice Thank-You Note Coupled With Success!

1-9-00 - This is my first time to visit your web site as I am new to the internet but I wanted to tell you I really appreciate you and all the hard work you do for those of us that play the lottery games. I have won 4 of 5 about nine times but still no cigar. I credit a lot of my success to the info that I find in your report coupled with my Gail Howard wheel software. I haven't had much success with the lotto yet, only hitting 4 of 6 a few times, but I am like Lotto Charlie. I know I'm gonna win the lotto, but it will take a lot of luck, hard work, and your report to get it done. That is why I wanted to tell you thanks for your efforts on our behalf and when I do hit the big one, I will certainly remember you for it, so keep up the good work and maybe we will all be rich before long. Sincerely, Tommy C. (Thank you for taking the time to write me. I'm posting your message for every one to read because you tell about your winnings.)

Results From the Playslips I Filled Out

Updated again on 1-16-00 -
I've received many inquiries from ya'll wanting to know how the playslips I filled out for the $29 million jackpot have done. If you'll scroll down to the story, "You'll Never Believe What I Did," I have brought you current on the results and my comments on each drawing. I keep adding on at the end of this story.

I will also be posting proof on my "How to Choose Your Lotto Numbers Page" under the "I'd Have Money in My Pocket If Only..." I'll give you a link so you can get there from here. Just click here.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dec. 25, 1999 - I've got some interesting things to tell you but not enough time to do it today. The past couple of weeks have really been hectic for me but I promise I'll get caught up with my site next week. I've had a number of emails that I have not had time to answer or post but I will soon. My apologies for the delays. Til then, everyone, please, have a safe and happy holiday.

You'll Never Believe What I've Done!

12-11-99 - Last week I received a fax from a fellow player. Because of the nature of his comments in his letter to me, I felt it would easier for me to call him than to write. So I called. During our conversation he explained to me that he ran a pool with only close friends and that they usually bought $400 in Quick Picks when they played the Lotto. As you can probably imagine, I nearly had heart failure when he told me that because I couldn't believe I was talking to someone who would buy all Quick Picks when I publish the stats on the numbers. Anyway ... without really weighing my words, I shot my mouth. I said, "Well, what have you won with all those Quick Picks in the past?" He said that in all this time they had only won 4 of 6 once and then they usually have a few $3 tickets. They bought $400 worth on Wednesday, Dec 8, and only had eight $3 tickets.

Now this is where I shot my mouth. I said, "Gee, I know I could do better than that using the Lotto Report."

You guessed it, he called my bluff so I spent an entire day filling out play slips for his group. (For the Saturday, Dec 11, $29 million drawing) Now, do understand, he was kind enough to let me buy in toooo so when those tickets win tomorrow night, I will get my share!!!!!

Seriously, here's what I did to spend all that money. I did a $5 ticket on every Lotto number. (I call this a 'target' number.) With each lotto number, I played the numbers that had been drawn with it the most. That was $250. Then, I did a variety of mixtures with 105 more tickets. For instance, since 5 of the numbers that were drawn on Wednesday came from the section titled "Not Drawn Since," I did several tickets using only those numbers. Then I did a variety of tickets from the "Repeat" section. In all I filled out 355 tickets for them and they tell me that my name will be mud if they don't win something! And I said back, "OK. But before you hang me, give these tickets 3 drawings before you give up."

I promise I will let you know how these tickets did. I feel like Lotto Charlie right now because I FEEL that we're gonna win!

Stay tuned for the outcome ....

12-12-99 - The outcome.... it was terrible! In last nights drawing, 5 of the numbers drawn came from the "Not Called Since Nov & Oct" list. I describe that section to you on my "Fun Page." While I did tickets from this group, I was dumb enough to put them together on tickets "scientifically" which I wish I hadn't done. Shoot, I even told Jim, the guy who runs the pool, that I wished he would do some tickets from that specific group of numbers because I got tired and gave out. But he didn't do it. Bad boy Jim!

As "target" numbers, all numbers only had three numbers in the group of numbers drawn the most. So, we only had 7 $3 winners. This method wouldn't have worked this time - this is why this is called a challenge!

Now, the good news ... Jim took my playslips and checked them to see what they would have won in the last 4 or 5 drawings. That outcome produced one 4 of 6 winner and more 3 of 6 wins than the group is accustomed to.

For targeting numbers, I've always said that you need to spend at least $20 per number and even then it's still a gamble. But I believe that the playslips I filled out will win "something" in the next few drawings even though we only spent $5 per number.

I will ask Jim to continue to check the tickets for winners over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for the outcome ....

The Outcome ...
Drawing on Dec 15 :
Nine $3 tickets
Drawing on Dec 18 : One 4 of 6 ticket; Eleven $3 tickets
Drawing on Dec 22 :
Fourteen $3 tickets
Drawing on Dec 25 : Ten $3 tickets
Drawing on Dec. 29: Thirteen $3 tickets
Drawing on Jan 1: Seven $3 tickets
Drawing on Jan 5: One 4 of 6 and Seven $3 tickets.
Drawing on Jan 8: Five $3 tickets
Drawing on Jan 12:
Eleven $3 tickets.
Drawing on Jan 15:
One 4 of 6 ticket and 23 three of six tickets.

My Comments ...
For the Dec. 15th drawing, one could have had a 6 of 6 win had they targeted number 24. All the numbers drawn that night had been drawn with number 24 EXACTLY 10 times. Targeting number 44 could have produced a 5 of 6 winner and targeting number 13 could have produced a 4 of 6 winner.
For the Dec 18 drawing, one could have won a 5 of 6 by targeting 32 and 4 of 6 by targeting number 4. However, these were hard wins because there were a lot of numbers involved.
For the Dec 22 drawing, the best anyone could have done was to have a 4 of 6 by targeting number 13.
For the Dec 25 drawing, by targeting number 26, you could have had a 5 of 6 and by targeting 11 or 31, you could have won 4 of 6.
For the Dec 29 drawing, by targeting number 14, one could have had an easy 4 of 6; by targeting numbers 1 or 26, one could have had a hard 4 of 6. Don't worry ya'll, I'm still kicking myself for not having the 4 of 6 on those tickets too! I'll post number 14 too so you can see what I mean by "easy 4 of 6 win."
For the Jan 1, 2000 drawing
, the best we could have done was 3 of 6 by targeting 11-13-27-32. Not a good drawing for targeting numbers!
For the Jan 5, 2000 drawing, by targeting numbers 3-4-43 one could have had a 5 of 6 win. It was my targeting of number '43' that we had a 4 of 6 on a $5 ticket! I'm posting number 43 on my Fun Page, under "I'd have money in my pocket if only...."
For the Jan 8, 2000 drawing: 6 & 34 were both marked in the Report to watch and play and were on the "Not Drawn Since Oct" list. The other numbers, 9-19-26-50 were on the "Not Drawn Since Dec" list but I just compiled that list after the last Lotto Report was published. No numbers in this drawing were good target numbers. Do notice below though that this was on Clarks list of numbers that have never paid. The numbers drawn have now won 3 of 6 and as of last night, 4 of 6 too! Scroll down to see it on his list. Ya'll should pay attention to this list of numbers!
For the January 12, 2000 drawing
: This was a good drawing for targeting numbers. The ideal number was 48, one could have had a 5 of 6 winner fairly easy. I posted 48 on the How to Chose Your Numbers page and 46 was posted in Oct. which was another 5 of 6 potential win on this drawing. The other numbers were all good for a 4 of 6 win by "targeting" numbers.
For the January 15, 2000 drawing: by targeting number 4, one could have had 6 of 6 and won millions! I've posted number 4 on my "How to Chose Your Numbers" page. Go see it!!!

All of this is ... with a little luck, of course! But, at least you can see winning numbers all in one little group instead of looking at all 50 numbers and saying, 'Oh Gee, what shall I pick?'

I've posted a few of these numbers on my "How to Choose Your Lotto Numbers Page" under the "I'd Have Money in My Pocket If Only..." I'll give you a link so you can get there from here. Just click here.

A Third Tidbit From Clark

Here's another one for your collection.

The ticket 2-14-21-30-37-45 has only paid off twice in the entire history of the Texas Lotto. It has never hit a three number combination but it paid $99 on a four hit on Saturday, July 12, 1997. Oh, the other hit? It was for $10 million on Wednesday, September 15, 1993. (That's far out!)

By the way, last Wednesday's drawing took one of our 19 no-win tickets out of the running. Can you tell which one it was? There are only 18 tickets left that have never won a thing. (Yes, it was ticket number 2. It had 2-5-28 on it for a $3 win! And you thought because I was blonde I couldn't figure that out. Huh?)

The "reader" that is kind enough to share this stuff with us has a name and I decided to use his first name so its more personal. Maybe he'll keep gathering this information for us and become famous like Ann Landers. Hint-Hint

What Rotten Luck Player Has!

I had to laugh while reading of the statistical database information on numbers that has not paid out money. Every drawing except 3 since the beginning of the Lotto, I have played the numbers 2-9-19-20-25-37. I keep thinking they will surely be played someday soon....maybe not!!!!! Shirley M. (Some people have all the luck and it looks like your not one of them YET? <big grin> Keep playing those numbers - they'll be drawn. Persistence pays off ... eventually!!!)

The NEW Electronic Lotto Report

The Lotto Report is finally available by e-mail! You must have Adobe Reader to view it but never worry, Adobe is free. The Lotto Report is published every other Monday and the next Report will be published tomorrow, ( Dec. 6) - just in time for the $23 million jackpot. It's completely current - Subscription rates are the same as the "hard" copy, however, the electronic version is larger (26 pages) simply because I had more room ... the type is larger for easier reading! Single copies sell for $1.50; a 6 month subscription is $18.75; and a 12 month subscription is $36.50. To order, just click here.

Same Reader (Clark) Shares Second Tidbits!

I'm the guy who emailed you last week with the bit about the unluckiest number. I just got my statistical database up and running and here's an addendum to that stat. Actually there are 19 number sets out of the total 15,890,700 that have never paid a cent as of yesterday's 737th drawing.
They are:
(Below data current through 2-20-00)
1. 2-4-11-15-25-37 (already noted above)
2. 2-5-10-21-28-48 (this one finally paid $3 on 12-08-99)
3. 2-5-10-21-35-48
4. 2-6-21-25-28-44 (this one finally paid $3 on 1-26-00)
5. 2-7-13-25-30-44 (this one finally paid $3 on 12-15-99)
6. 4-9-11-23-30-35 (this one finally paid $3 on 12-11-99)
7. 5-6-9-21-25-48
8. 6-7-12-29-40-43 (this one finally paid $3 on 1-15-00)
9. 7-15-18-37-45-50
10. 7-18-37-42-45-50
11. 8-14-17-18-27-44
12. 9-11-19-34-37-45
13. 9-11-19-34-37-50 (this one paid $3 on 12-11-99 & paid $89 on 1-8-00)
14. 9-11-34-37-45-50 (this one finally paid $3 on 12-11-99 & 1-8-00)
15. 10-14-18-27-28-38
16. 12-13-16-18-23-30
17. 12-13-18-23-27-30 (this one finally paid $3 on 1-1-00)
18. 12-27-30-35-37-43 (this one finally paid $3 on 2-5-00)
19. 18-19-27-28-40-42

Forgive me but I made a typo in my last email. I said something to the effect of a total of 15,980,700 total combinations. That should have read 15,890,700. I got the 8 and 9 backwards. The odds of any one number combination being drawn is 1:15,890,700. Hope that didn't mess up anyone's calculations. :-) (I'm sure it didn't. I should have caught that!)

Here's another little tidbit that might be of interest to your readers. I've had quite a few people ask me what the most frequently occurring number combinations are, i.e., couplets, triplets, quadruplets, etc. Well, being a programmer that likes to play with numbers, I just wrote a little program that would pull this data out. You might be interested in the fact that the most frequently occurring triplets are:


Each have occurred exactly 6 times in the preceding 737 drawings. No other three-number combinations have occurred more than 5 times...and many, 9,288 to be exact, have never occurred at all! For comparison, there are 19,600 possible three number combinations using the numbers 1 through 50.

The most times any particular single ticket has hit paydirt is 35 times.

The set 19-22-27-31-32-45 has hit 3 numbers 33 times and 4 numbers twice for a total payoff of $298. There are 8 other number combinations that have hit 34 times. They are:
1-8-16-26-28-30 2x4, 32x3 $325
1-8-16-26-30-36 34x3 $102
3-4-10-15-28-39 1x4, 33x3 $203
3-4-15-28-39-47 34x3 $102
3-12-32-40-43-49 1x4, 33x3 $243
3-15-28-34-39-47 2x4, 32x3 $345
4-6-17-22-41-46 1x4, 33x3 $201
7-10-16-19-22-39 2x4, 32x3 $298

Thank you for taking your time to share this with us. Keep the tidbits coming!

A Reader Shares A Very Interesting Tidbit

I've done some programming at home on the Texas Lotto stats. I have a HUGE database that lists all 15,890,700 possible combinations and the possible number of times they've scored 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers out of all previous draws. Took me two weeks of constant crunching to let it run through its initial run.

Here's one little statistic I thought might be of interest to your readers... As of November 29, 1999 ....

2-4-11-15-25-37 is the unluckiest combination in the whole database. It has never won so much as $3 in the entire history of the Texas Lotto! (You're right - that is an interesting observation. And, thank-you very much for sharing it with us!)

Houston Town Hall Meeting - An Experience!

I apologize for not having this story written sooner - but I got behind with my work and it seems as though all I could do is ... get further behind.

Houston ... what a meeting they had on November 9, 1999! Do understand, I'm going to give you my "version" of what I observed in Houston which will include the good, the bad and the ugly! So be prepared. Remember, the purpose of the "Town Hall" meetings is for the players to offer suggestions and ideas for what they think would improve the games of Texas.

The meeting started out with an explanation from one of the TLC's attorneys, Kimberly Kiplin. Kimberly explained to us that because two Commissioners were present, the meeting had to be 'noticed,' and it had to be conducted as an open meeting with a court reporter recording everything. She stated that everyone who wanted to speak had to fill out a witness form and that each speaker needed to come to the podium when called to speak so the court reporter could hear them. This is exactly what was explained in Dallas too.

The first speaker was a really nice guy telling the TLC that he thought they should offer higher payouts and that overall, he was real pleased with the Commission. He thanked them for all that they do for us players. I spoke with him prior to the meeting and he told me that he was just so relieved that they weren't adding 4 balls that he wanted to make sure they were complimented. And he did it well. I thought his intentions were fantastic.

I'm not sure if there was one or two more speakers before a speaker suggested to the Commission that they should put forth a better effort of letting the people know where the monies were going. This suggestion was a good one, and one that a number of people have already suggested, but it prompted a gentleman in the audience to speak up out of turn.

The man started speaking about the monies and he wanted to know where they were going. At this point, Ms. Kiplin requested that he please come to the podium so the court reporter could hear. It was at this point that he objected to having to submit his name, address and phone number in order to speak his mind. He then turned to the audience and said, "I don't think these people understand what a witness affidavit is and what it can do to you." And he proceeded to speak out of turn and out of place. All of his comments were pertaining to where the monies were going. One comment he made, "I've never seen a road sign say, 'Road Construction Compliments of the Tx Lottery.'"

After several attempts to get him to the podium, the TLC staff finally just gave up and let him rumble. It is my opinion, that this man was a trouble maker, had no respect for his fellow man or rules, and I concluded, he must have been wanted by the law or he would have given his name. After disrupting the meeting, he rudely walked out. It only takes one person like this to ruin it for everybody.

After he left, you could feel the tension in the room. How does one change the atmosphere in a case like this. As a result of this man, several other people left. They probably thought this was a dangerous place to be!

Next thing I remember, another woman got up and told the Commission how unhappy she was because she drove across town last month to attend a meeting that she didn't know had been cancelled. Frankly, I wondered how she could have ever missed the announcement that the Texas Lottery was pulling their proposed amendment - and all hearings were cancelled. But, she was really mad and she certainly let it be known. Her tone added to the tension.

Shortly thereafter, they called Dr. Clemmie Johnson. The first words out of her mouth was that the Lottery was a scam! I thought, "Oh no." But she went on to explain that she had seen people spend $3 playing scratch offs where that $3 would have gone a long ways towards buying a gallon of milk. She thinks that to spend a dollar to win a dollar is a scam. And she may be right. Perhaps, for a person to gamble, they should stand to win more than it costs to play a game.

Her other concern was that she has never seen where the monies went and asked for that information to be made public. She wanted to make certain that the profits were benefitting the poor. The lady was truly a Lady with concerns about the poor spending more than they had to spend and we all agreed with her points and sympathized with her concerns. In all fairness to the Texas Lottery, I think if we didn't have a lottery, these same people would still spend money playing poker, or quarters, or with a bookie, or at the horse races, or at the boats, or Las Vegas. Bottom line is, they would still spend money they don't have gambling. The sad fact is - we had poor people prior to the Texas Lottery, so I don't think it's fair to blame the Lottery for irresponsible spending, and she really wasn't blaming the Lottery either.

Then we had a gentleman speak but I never understood his point. He carried a sign, told us that he originally created and designed all Lotteries, had donated $200,000, $250,000, $300,000 and finally $350,000 but corrupt politicians needed to be gotten rid of. Gosh, I swear, I never heard or understood his point! And every time he mentioned the money he had donated, the figures rose. He did say he loved the Lotto.

Shortly after this man, a lady got up and called the Lottery a cheat! Needless to say, this got everybody's attention. Even mine. But, after hearing her totally absurb accusations regarding the drawings and the numbers drawn, I knew she was totally off base and it was obvious everyone else did too. She was convinced that some numbers have never been drawn. And we listened to her carry on for about 10 minutes.

I've gotta a fess up - I was embarrassed that these people were representing players. Fortunately, after this lady, the rest of the speakers offered the Commission good sound advise. They suggested getting rid of the Texas Million or lowering the number of balls in the game, offering higher payouts and lowering the big jackpot to accomodate the payouts, reduce the number of scratch off tickets and offer 2nd chance drawings. One lady asked why Lottery players can collect $600 tax free but Bingo players have to pay taxes on a $500 win? That was a good question. There were even a couple of retailers there to speak for their players and to offer suggestions.

Oh yeah, I forgot. The door prizes. You'll never guess who won a door prize this time. It was Dr. Johnson - she got so tickled and was totally dumbfounded. It made my day to see her get that prize from the TLC.

I 'm sure with my writing this story and my bluntness, I may make some of you angry. That is not my intent. This is what I saw in Houston and I was disappointed in the behavior of a few fellow players who represented all players. There were some pretty important people present at this meeting so you can imagine what they probably think of players. And I know we're not that bad!!!!

So OK - The Texas Lottery came up with a really dumb idea several months ago and they got a spanking. They recanted and said, "OK. Let's move forward. We won't mess with Lotto Texas and we will listen to our players and try to give you what you want if we can. Just tell us what you want." I think they are making every effort to listen to us and we need to recognize this and respect their efforts. Yes, tell them what you think - they want that. But can't we tell them nicely and not have any more name calling. And can't we respect the laws that they must abide by?

I suppose if you are reading my site and you plan to go to a Town Hall meeting and are unprofessional in your behavior, you better look out because I'll probably say something to you myself. I believe I speak for a great many people, we want the Lotto in Texas. And if lawmakers see this type of behavior, they may take away our games.

And yes, if you want to respond to my writing, I will post your emails to be fair. I'll even give you a link. Just click here.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Town Hall Meeting A Tremendous Success!

Texas Lottery Commission officials did GOOD. They came to Dallas/Ft. Worth and listened to the players. How impressed I was that they let the people speak! And I promise you, the players dominated the meeting that was held at the Harvey House in Irving on Thursday, November 4.

The Town Hall meeting started with a short film, then one by one players spoke their minds. The atmosphere was relaxed - no tension. In a nutshell, players basically told the Commission that they wanted bigger payoffs and better odds at winning. Players explained that they cut their purchases because they couldn't win. Powerful suggestions included cutting back the number of games - ie reduce the number of scratch off tickets and stop the Texas Million game.

Advice and/or ideas suggested on how to increase sales besides the obvious more winners, better odds of winning - one was to publish very specific information on where the dollars go - secondly, players advised them to change their advertising campaign to show how $4 million could really change a persons lifestyle. At that point, Commissioner Harriet Miers explained that state laws prevent them from showing 'lifestyle' changes in any lottery promotions.

I think 'some' of our legislators demanded this law and, personally, I don't agree with it. I understand the reasoning behind the law, but I think they could've reached a better compromise regarding advertising campaigns. After all, the state gets 50% of all sales right off the top for all online games and having a Lottery is an income to the state that is voluntary by the people of Texas - the very ones who elect them! I suppose if we wanted to help the Texas Lottery Commission, we could all write our representatives and ask for a change in the advertising policies.

In the end, they had a little fun. They brought door prizes and had a small drawing. I couldn't believe it, but I was the first winner. You know, for some reason, I've always been lucky at door prize drawings. Just last month, I won a drawing like that in California too. Anyway, when I got home I went through the bag and was excited and disappointed all at the same time - it contained a really nice wind breaker, t-shirt, cap, ticket holder and key chain - but, darn it, there was no Quick Pick! Maybe, if I to go to the meeting in Houston next Tuesday, I'll win there too ... and just maybe, they'll include a Quick Pick! But don't worry, I'll only keep the Quick Pick, then I'll give someone else rest of the door prize!

I don't know what I forgot to mention, but if someone reminds me, I write some more. And Houston, look out. The Texas Lottery Commission is coming your way next Tuesday, Nov. 9. They'll be at the Radisson Hotel, 9100 Gulf Freeway at 7 PM.. Ya'll be nice to 'em, they're listening to us - so just tell 'em what your ideas are. OK?

I'm Starting an E-Mail List

After all that has happened regarding the recent proposed changes and the current changes - like renaming the current ball sets and machines for Lotto and Cash 5 - I have decided to start an email list of those of you who want to be notified of any news that I feel is "news worthy" for players.

Do Not Worry
- I will NOT sell my email list, your name or anything else. This list is for my use only. I will keep your email address in a special directory on my computer and I will send emails only when I feel like there is something I need to share with you regarding the Texas Lottery - this could be especially useful should we ever need "public comments" again. Sometimes, I might even send Good News!! :))

To receive any "news" I might have, just send me an email and tell me to include you in my mailings. If you don't mind, I would like to know your name and your city would be nice too. Maybe even your favorite game! What ever information you feel comfortable in providing me with is what I'd like to have. Just click here to send me your email address.

New Balls and Machines for the Pick 3 ...
New names only for Cash 5 Balls and Machines ...
New names only for Lotto Balls and Machines too!

On November 1, 1999, the TLC began using new ball sets and machines for the Pick3. The 12 new ball sets were named 1 through 12 and the machines were named A, B, & C. Currently, they are holding ball sets 3, 9, and 12 in reserve.

In addition, on 11-1-99, they renamed the ball sets and machines currently in use for the Cash 5 and the Texas Lotto. However, these are still the same balls and machines. For Cash 5, what was ball set A is now 1; ball set B is now 2; ball set C is now 3; ball set D is now 4; ball set E is now 5. For Lotto Texas, what was ball set E is now 1; what was F is now 2; what was G is now 3; what was H is now 4; what was I is now 5; what was J is now 6. The TLC uses the same machines for both Lotto and Cash5 so what was Machine 1 is now A; what was machine 2 is now B; and what was machine 3 is now C.

The TLC has ordered new balls and machines for the Cash 5 and the Lotto. I will let you know when the new balls and machines arrive and are in use for the Cash 5 and Lotto.

The Latest Drawing Results, Payouts, & Number of Winners
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50 vs 54 Balls
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