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Texas Lottery Denies
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Continues To Sell It ...
How Very Sad ...


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Originally Posted: April 3, 2019
Revised: April 4, 2019 - Fixed a run on sentence!



Editorial & Opinions by Dawn Nettles
Publisher of The Lotto Report

After Posting My First Story On March 12, 2019, I ...

Sent an email to Gary Grief with copies going to my Senator
and my state rep - Senator Hall and Representative Neave and
Commissioners Doug Lowe and Robert Riveria. It said ...

"I just posted a story on game #2122, The Big Ticket, showing exactly why I believe
this ticket is deceptive and should be pulled immediately from the stores.


Players statewide are trashing potential winning tickets and have been since Feb 18, 2019.
The instructions on the face of the ticket designating where all symbols are located is misleading at
best on where to scratch the ticket to find both the winning numbers and the players
numbers on games 3 and 4. The first two games of this ticket are fine.

I sincerely hope the Commission will take action immediately to protect the lottery players of Texas.
In my opinion, in the real world, selling this ticket would be considered "Theft by Deception" and
should be considered the same in the lottery world. Thank you for any consideration to this issue.

Dawn Nettles"


On March 15, 2019, I received the following message ...

"Thank you for contacting the Texas Lottery Commission regarding The Big Ticket,
game #2122. Mr. Grief received your email and I am responding on his behalf.

We have reviewed your story about The Big Ticket, game 2122 and did not identify any issues that hinder
the play of the game. It is our goal for every lottery player to have a positive experience when playing lottery games,
and we take our responsibility in creating games that are fun, entertaining and clear to understand for our players very seriously.

We recommend that players check their own tickets and independently determine their prizes before presenting them
to a retailer for validation by using a self-service Check-a-Ticket machine or a Geminiâ„¢ vending machine provided
at one of the Texas Lottery's 17,900+ retail locations. Players can also download the Texas Lottery app to a smartphone
to check their lottery tickets. All winning and non-winning tickets will be accurately identified via one of those resources.

We welcome your comments about our products. It’s feedback like yours that allows us to improve
and better serve our players. We can assure you that your comments will be taken into consideration in the future.

Michelle Byrd


Then I wrote back .... ( I was angry even though I felt the TLC was going to deny it)

"Thanks Michelle but I can prove otherwise - it is a deceptive ticket. I've stopped
several player entering stores with those tickets to cash in. Before they get
to the counter, I ask to see their tickets. Sure enough, they failed to scratch
it off. Guess I'll starting filming and go from there. The ticket needs to be
pulled - tell Gary that.


Since then ....

I learned how to make video's using my phone but I haven't conquered
posting them to my website because the files are too large. Posting them
became less of a priority for me because I contacted the Dallas Morning News,
Dave Lieber, and besides writing a story that appeared in print and on
their site
, they also recorded a video which appears on You Tube.

WOW - What a trememdous story and video!
Everybody should watch it and read the story.

Judging from the feedback I've received, the video really did a
great job of explaining to players what a "deceptive" ticket is.
Players didn't understand until they saw the ticket being scratched.
I've got multiple stories I could tell ya'll from players who are
beyond angry because they'd spent their hard earned money buying
these ticket only to learn that they failed to scratch off the unknown
hidden area's
meaning they may have thrown away winning tickets.

Another interesting tidbit, players have reported to me that they
tried posting news of this ticket on the Texas Lottery's Facebook page.
But much to their surprise, the TLC deleted their posts. So I took
it upon myself to ask about the action the TLC took. They responded
with a copy of their policy of removing players posts. It read ...

"Postings subject to deletion are outlined in TLC's Social Media Guidelines.

A comment or posting will be deleted if it contains:

Hate speech;

Profanity, obscenity or vulgarity;

Nudity, including nudity in profile pictures;

Defamation to a person or people;

Name calling and/or personal attacks;

Comments whose main purpose is to sell a product or service;

Comments that infringe on copyrights, trademarks, patents
or other forms of intellectual property;

Spam comments, such as the same comment posted repeatedly on a profile;

Comments in support or opposition of any social, political or personal cause,
including specific political candidates and/or ballot measures;

Personally identifiable/sensitive personal information; and

Other comments that the TLC, in its sole discretion, deems inappropriate.

Hmmm, warning players of a deceptive ticket is NOT
permitted, guess they deem it inappropriate!

Imagine that!


FYI ... The Official Definition of "Deceptive" ...


Here's What Players Realized - What you see is NOT true ...

It appears on the Funky 8's ticket that there's five (5) winning numbers to scratch
off ... but look, there's ten (10) numbers under the words "winning numbers."

Funky 8's, Game 3, on Texas Scratch Ticket - The Big Ticket

And it appears on the Funky 8's ticket that there's twenty (20) "Your Numbers" to scratch off ...
but look, there's only fifteen (15) numbers under the printed words "Your Numbers."


It appears Neon 9's has 5 "winning numbers" and 20 "your numbers" too.
But as you see on the right, what "appears" to be the case is NOT true.

Like Funky 8's, there's 10 numbers under "Winning Numbers"
and only 15 numbers under "Your Numbers."

Neon 9's Game 4 on Texas Scratch Ticket, The Big Ticket

TWO of the FOUR games on this ticket are misleading to say the least.
And players have just learned how badly they were screwed.

For the most part, players are failing to scratch one
of the lines under "Winning Numbers."

Store clerks think they've died and gone to heaven with this ticket!


The Texas Lottery Says
Players should use the ticket checkers in the stores and
the TLC App to check their tickets - Therefore, since
the TLC provide these additional services, then it's OK
for them to sell tickets like this to players. Hmmm ...

Let's see .... thousands of players refuse to download the
TLC app because by doing so, they give the TLC permission
to intrude on their private information - as for the ticket checkers in
the stores, most players buy tickets and take them home to play them.
NO player believes he needs to double check his ability to play a
"game" when following directions provided by a state agency.
Who thinks a state agency would take advantage of the People in
such a slimy way? Players are shocked in seeing this ticket.

And to put the cherry on the cake, ticket checkers and
the apps can't be trusted, they do err - especially the
apps on the phones - so I hear!


The Texas Lottery Is Still Selling This Ticket
Here's What I Wish You Would All Do ...
I've already filed complaints with all parties listed)

Complete the online complaint forms at the SAO & AG.
Then find your Senator & State Rep and call his office to
complain - you can also send him/her an email from his website.
Here are links that will take you straight to the page in question ...

1) State Auditors Office

2) Texas Attorney General Consumer Division

Call your state rep and state senator.

And finally, contact the Texas Lottery
to complain about the ticket - fill out an online
complaint form. BEWARE - They keep
NO records of complaints by phone ...
How convenient ...

I'm still waiting to hear back from Senator Hall and Representative Neave.
So far, it's my opinion that they don't care what the lottery has done
to their constituents.


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