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Part 2


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Originally Posted: 05/08/23 - Early AM

Editorial & Opinions by Dawn Nettles

Two Important Notes Before Reading Part 2

1) Before getting into Part 2, I want to share something
that is odd to me. I have no idea what it means, if
anything. But ... prior to every Lotto Texas draw,
the TLC completes a Jackpot Calculation document.
This document is usually signed off by Gary Grief as
well as a few others. But oddly, Gary Grief has not
signed one since the 4/22/23 $95 million win.
His name is no longer on the form either. This
I do not understand. Maybe he's just off
on another state sponsored trip! See the
documents not signed by the Director.

4/22/23 Jackpot Calculation, click here pdf
4/24/23 Jackpot Calculation, click here pdf
4/26/23 Jackpot Calculation, click here pdf
4/29/23 Jackpot Calculation, click here pdf
05/01/23 Jackpot Calculation, click here pdf
05/03/23 Jackpot Calculation, click here pdf
05/06/23 Jackpot Calculation, click here pdf


2) For those of you who wish to comment on my postings,
I will post them for everyone to read. You will have to send
me an email and I will copy and paste them on a special
webpage. I will not post your name. Just your message.
Send your messages to me - I'm Dawn.

I'd also like to request that all of you contact
your State Representative and your State Senator
to express your feelings about the capabilities of Apps
to allow someone to purchases all combinations
electronically to steal a Texas jackpot. You'll probably
have much more to say after you've read this posting.


Part TWO ...

To Skirt The Laws, Has Director Gary Grief
Misrepresented How Apps Work Thus Created
Greater Incomes For A Chosen Few?


Let's Look At An App Called Jackpocket
Do understand, all apps, no matter what
their name is, work the same way

Ya'll have been asking me all kinds of questions for the past
three years about buying lottery tickets via the internet and you've
shared so many stories and documents about your experiences.
And I truly appreciate it. So that you know, I'm finally going
to use a few of those documents and emails!

But I think the most telling story lies with how often we've
seen winning tickets that were sold by a store in Austin called
Winners Corner and the tickets were always "self pick" tickets.
So I visited the store 3 years ago and got the low down but
I never posted anything about it because I needed more
information. I believe this store is owned by the
folks that own Jackpocket.

Now I think I've got enough to share with you!

First, just the basics and how Apps work ...
(FYI - For this story, I'm using facts
gathered from an app called Jackpocket)

Needless to say, you have to download an app to your
phone. As you download the app, you have to complete a
form. It asks for your name, email address, phone number,
and your date of birth. Because of the apps GPS tracking,
they believe that you are in TX. Or so they think! Contrary
to what they claim, they don't really get a copy of your
drivers license for proof of age or residency.

Next you must agree to their "terms" which seems
like hundreds of pages of reading but people
don't really read them. You just agree then you
get the privilege of putting money into your
new account so you can spend more that the
real cost of a lottery ticket!

You add money by providing the information needed to
transfer monies into your account. Whether it be your bank
& routing info, your credit card, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo
or whatever you chose. I don't believe you can send
cash but who knows! You provide the information,
tell them how much to put into your account and
you're off and running! They manage to get your
money instantly but when you win under $600, it
takes them 5 to 7 days to transfer your winnings
to your account - if that's what you want.

Why does it take so long???

The app "claims" they limit their players to a certain
daily amount players can spend buying lottery products.
As we've seen, that's obviously not true. Oh well,
so much for claiming "responsible spending!"

Let's Buy Lottery Tickets
As you would expect, you simply touch the icon on your phone
to open it. From there, you pick the game you want to play, you
chose to either pick your own numbers or buy a Quick Pick,
then you select how many tickets you want to buy. Then you
select "place your order" and it's done.

Should you want to buy tickets for another game, then you
simply go back to the home screen and start all over
by picking another game.

Yes, it's really just that simple.

What happens next?
Within minutes, you receive an email or a notification
from Jackpocket stating your order was "successful."
It includes credits used, shows the numbers that
"supposedly" will appear on your tickets and it
includes a disclaimer as shown below ....


Disclaimer Included on Jackpockets
"Order Successful" Email

When will my ticket(s) be purchased?

We will purchase your ticket(s) from a licensed lottery retailer in time for the drawing and will upload an image of your ticket(s) to your account. We abide by all state regulations to ensure that your request will be processed in time. No courier customer request for courier service and no receipt or acknowledgment of any such request constitutes evidence of a validly issued lottery ticket. A ticket, in order to be a validly issued ticket, shall be generated by a lottery terminal authorized by the commission. A ticket is not deemed validly issued when a request for purchase is made of a courier service, when such a request is acknowledged or when a courier customer makes a payment to a courier service.

If there is anything incorrect with your tickets please email us immediately at We'll do our best to resolve your issue.


A Short Time Later - Usually Within An Hour

You receive an email or notification telling you that
your tickets are ready for "viewing." As stated in the 1st
sentence of the disclaimer shown above, which says ...
"We will purchase your ticket(s) from a licensed lottery
retailer in time for the drawing and will upload an
image of your ticket(s) to your account

To me, this means they have my ticket in
their hot little hands. But they do NOT.

Below is an image sent of the players actual lottery
ticket that they CLAIM was already "purchased from
a licensed lottery retailer
" and sent for viewing ....

Hmmmm ....
This doesn't look like a lottery ticket that came out of a
TX lottery terminal as implied in their disclaimer. Since
when did a lottery ticket have the owners name and
store name printed on it?

Not only that, but I want you to look at the second
line under the TLC's logo that says "RET# 186208-44."
The "-44" indicates which terminal created the "digital image"
of the ticket. When you buy tickets at your local store, you will
probably see a "00" or maybe a "01" if they have two terminals.
If you buy from a Gemini (self serve terminals), there will be
a "99" on it. But this ticket has a "44" on it - they must have
44 lottery terminals in their warehouse!

Next under, "The Truth Finally Surfaces," I explain
the digital images then the lights will come on for you!

The Truth Finally Surfaces
Here's what the big boys told me. Apps keep digital records of
tickets sold through their apps. They have been blessed with
advanced technology that allows a digital portal into IGT's
(G-Tech's) gaming system. All combinations sold by the app
is transmitted electronically and included in the applicable
draws data. IGT (G-Tech) has all pertinent information so
IGT can compute the number of winners after each draw
& compute and collect monies from the so-called retailers
bank account. IGT (G-Tech) has no way of knowing
if an actual ticket was ever printed. That's why winners
have to go pick up their tickets AFTER the draws.

The 3rd party apps do NOT send a "courier" to a "brick
and mortar" store to "purchase" your lottery tickets when
bought via your cell phones or computers. But this is NOT
what Director Grief explained to the Senate Finance
Committee nor what he explained in a TV interview
To hear Gary Grief explain this on TV, Click here.
(There is a link at the bottom of this page should you
want to see Grief's testimony during the Senate Hearing)

Bottom line is ... the owners of the apps want you to
believe that they charge a "fee" so they can pay "couriers" to
go to brick and mortar store to buy your tickets face to face.
A huge LIE. It's all computerized and is conducted online.
They are earning a whole bunch of money for running computers!

FYI - The apps make a minimum of 14 cents on every dollar spent.
(Now you see why Jerry Jones and the other sports teams
wanted a piece of the action in selling lottery tickets!

When your local LOYAL store sells you a ticket ... they use their
lottery terminal and the transaction is sent via phone lines to IGT's
computers. IGT's computer talks back -- it transmits a ticket
to be printed for you. You walk away with a lottery ticket.

The big difference is, your local store only earns a nickel for every
dollar spent. They can't sell via the internet or via a cell phone even
though there is now a company offering such a deal for retailers.
I wonder what the TLC or state will say about this???

The apps are also selling tickets world wide while
pretending this is not so. The apps "think" their GPS
tracking systems are working, but they don't. Out of
state players simply put a PIA app on their phones
to trick the Apps GPS tracker. Just think, Texans
can build jackpots, then when it's large enough, it
can be bought again unless something is done about it.

Let me clarify ... I do not object to People who travel to
Texas then buy Texas lottery tickets. Even if they win
a big one ... that's fine. They are in the state and should
be able to spend their money however they want. And
if a local person wants to buy $25 million self pick tickets,
then he can so long as he uses play slips and does so
in person. He can hire 100 people to go around and buy
his tickets. But to allow someone to corner the market
electronically, by phone, by internet and so quickly,
NO, this should not be allowed. Who wouldn't spend
$25.8 million for a guaranteed return of at least his
money back if not twice his money.

One more thing to say before I move on ... understand, the
App owners usually owns the so-called brick and mortar
stores - watch Grief's interview on NBC again, Click here.
The Apps ONLY PRINT WINNING tickets - they do
NOT print the losers. Why waste the paper or the time?
The back of the "brick & mortar" stores are like little
warehouses, and this is where you'll find their lottery
terminals - they probably have at least 20 terminals.


More Deceptions

Before we get to the nitty gritty
in More Deceptions, let me say ..

It is my opinion, the TLC sat back and allowed someone
to literally steal $55,941,093 plus another $1,863,281
from Texas lottery players on April 20, 21, 22, 2023.
(FYI - The $1.8M figure was the amount the
TLC was short to fund the advertised amount.
How could the TLC possibly make this mistake?)

Unless Members of the Legislature or law
enforcement steps in, we may never know
if this money was "stolen" from us. Whoever
comes in to claim the $95 million jackpot must
be investigated by some outside entitiy. And
the law MUST be changed where winners
cannot remain anonymous. How many
tickets have been reported as winners
when they really weren't? Unclaimed
prize money goes to the State. Hmmm ...

OK ... let me get on with how the TLC
deceived us pertaining to the Lottery Now store,
you know, the store that doesn't exist. <grin>

On Saturday night, 4/22/23 ...
The Texas Lottery posted that there was
ONE $95 million jackpot winning ticket sold.
Here's what they told the People ...

Where Sold:

Prize Level Retailer Name Retailer Address, City, Zip Code Quick Pick

There is no "Lottery Now" at this address nor is there a Suite 500.

After the announced win, I posted on my website ...
That the "City" was "unknown." I knew this was probaby
an App sale meaning ... who knows what "city" the winner
would come from. This was a realitively new "retailer."
Apparently the TLC told the press that someone from
North Texas had won and the winning ticket was sold
at Lottery Now in Colleyville. This is what I
heard all over the news.

I felt that was a crock of BS.

Because of the enormous jackpot increases and
the use of internet sales, I knew what was going on.
So earlier that day (Saturday), I warned Players ....
Read April 22, 2023 Entry


A Search on the Texas Lottery Website For
"Retailers" in Colleyville Provides This Data

Notice the phone number shown for Lottery Now, the
"store" that's not there. The number is answered by a Google
recording - it says the number you are calling belongs
to a Google Subsciber. I've called multiple times
and never received an answer nor has anyone
returned my call.

Retailer Name Street Address
Phone Number Smoking
Self Check
7-Eleven 3900 Colleyville Blvd,
817-372-7336 No CAT
Albertsons 4000 Glade Rd,
817-354-0505 No GEM
Albertsons Processor 4000 Glade Rd,
817-354-0505 No CAT
Colleyville Mobile 4405 Colleyville Blvd,
817-428-2995 No CAT
Colleyville Texaco 4602 Colleyville Blvd,
817-605-0690 No CAT
Gateway 44 7990 Precinct Line Rd,
817-427-4000 No CAT
Hall's Grocery 4200 Glade Rd,
817-267-6803 No CAT
Lottery Now 5200 Colleyville Blvd,
415-275-1280 No CAT
Market Street 5605 Colleyville Blvd,
817-577-5020 No GEM
Market Street Processor 5605 Colleyville Blvd,
817-577-5020 No -
Walmart NBH Mkt 4904 Colleyville Blvd,
817-770-8334 No GEM

Here's a "TX Retailer Spreadsheet.xls" that I obtained
through Open Records. A "find"search on the spreadsheet
finds "Lottery Now" but NO "Hooked on MT." (This list was
as of 02/21/23.) Remember when I said the "so-called retailer"
was "realitively new." The reason I said this was because
I have an 08/26/22 retailer list and Lottery Now is not listed
as a Texas Lottery retailer.

Interestingly, the phone number shown above is also the
phone number shown in the Retailer Spreadsheet.


Finally, The TLC Over Estimated
Sales For The 4/22/23 $95 M Jackpot

They figured sales would be $33.3 but sales were only
$28.1 M. Director Grief signed off on the estimates.
(Really strange is that this is the last estimate form
he's signed since then.
) Anyway, the advertised
$95M was based on $33 milion in sales. But it
didn't come in so the TLC was short to fund
by < $1,863,280>.

Still, I wondered, how could the TLC have
been this far off in their estimations? Who is Grief
blaming this time? Is anyone getting a cut of the
I've got to say, these are legimate questions.

This is an important factor because the rule guarantees
to pay a winner the greater of either the amount in
the prize pool or the amount required to get a return
of the amount advertised. This meant that the winner
would be receiving more than what sales supported.
And if this really is a "bought" jackpot, then
I'm really getting madder.

Ya'll may not know or remember this, but
I am the one who fought tooth and nail to see
to it that winners received their share of sales
at all times and if the TLC wishes to overpay,
then so be it. This had to do with the TLC being
hell bent to start Lotto Texas jackpots at $5 M
even though sales won't support it. I caught the
TLC cheating Lotto Texas winners back in 2000.
And the end result was an agreement to pay
a winner EITHER the amount need to invest or
the amount in the prize pool. Whichever figure
was the greatest.

Anyway ....That's all I've go to say on this subject!!!


Part ONE
TLC issues deceiving Press Releases for the $95M jackpot.
The TLC knew all Lotto Texas combinations were being
bought for the 4/22/23 draw guaranteeing a win prior
to writing and approving the press releases. The TLC
misled you. They certainly didn't want anyone to know
that sales were coming in via the Apps. Click here

Sports team owners want a piece
of the lottery and Apps provide erroneous
... Posted 5/22/23 - Click here



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Part ONE, Click here
TLC issues deceiving Press Releases for the $95M jackpot.
The TLC knew all Lotto Texas combinations were being
bought for the 4/22/23 draw guaranteeing a win prior
to writing and approving the press releases. The TLC
misled you. They certainly didn't want anyone to know
that sales were coming in via the Apps.

TX Senate Finance Committee Hearing
- Watch this incredible video -
When you get to this site ...
1) Select month of "February 2023"
2) Select "Senate Finance II"
3) Select "Feb 14, 2023"
4) Start the video then fast forward to 2:10:40.
This is the beginning of the TLC's, Gary Grief's,
testimony. Senator's questions, pertaining to
the apps, are at end of Grief's testimony
which is only 8 minutes long.

Now let's put the Cherry on the Cake!
Now move forward to 3:46:10

to hear the testimony of Rob Kohler. After
Mr. Kohler's testimony, where he tells the
Senators what the TLC "really" did, listen to
Senator Bob Hall's questions and comments

-- Looks Like Unhappy Senators To Me --
Very interesting to say the least!


Everybody needs to read and watch these new stories.
For the newspapers, you will have to pay a $1 for a
$3 month subsciptions but I'd strongly encourage
you to pay it. We all need to support our local papers.

More stories are forthcoming and
this way you will be able to read them

"Near belly-up lottery app company wants to
sell Texas
game tickets in Dominican Republic"

Caller Times by John Moritz
Appeared 5/3/23 in multiple papers
Third story - Click here

"The store that sold the winning $95M Lotto Texas
ticket is actually a Montana Fishing company"

Caller Times by John Moritz
Appeared 4/25/23 in multiple papers
First story - Click here

"Retailer that sold winning Lotto Texas ticket
racked up $11M in sales over 3 days"

Caller Times by John Moritz - 4/27/23
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Dallas Morning News by Dave Lieber 4/27/23
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"Lawmaker, Lottery App Operators at
Odds Over Lottery Courier Services"

NBC TV News - Aired 10 PM - 4/27/23,
(I was asked to give an interview for this story
but couldn't do it in time, sorry. But Gary Grief did, juicy!
Click here

Lottery Watchdogs: Is there a way to beat the system?
By JD Miles, CBS TV News - Aired 5/1/23
Click here

Complaint Filed With TX AG
by Christian Life Commission
Click here

Import Lottery Tickets - 18 U.S.C 1301
Eisner Gorin LLP (California Attorneys)
(I'm not a lawyer but I do wonder if this
article means Federal Laws are being broken?
Click here



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