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Originally Posted: 05/22/23
Revised: 05/25/23 - Fixed 3 typo's!

Part 3

Sports Team Owners Want A Piece
Of The Lottery & Apps Provide
Erroneous Info

Editorial & Opinions by Dawn Nettles


Part THREE Summary ...

The sports teams want a piece of the Lottery.
This equates to the rich will get richer.
While the common folks foot the bill.

Jackpocket (Winners Corner) - disseminated
unreliable info to a player - a very serious issue.
And Jackpocket won't honor TLC promotions.
One can easily conclude there is no "courier"
going to a licensed retailer to buy your tickets
when you order tickets via an app on your phone!

TLC was notified on both issues but took
no action. Why Not?


Sports Teams Owners Want In On The Action
This speaks volumes.

Editorial & Opinions by Dawn Nettles

Imagine that! As yourself, why would the
Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Rockets, and the
San Antonio Spurs want to invest in an App that
sells lottery tickets??????

This answer is very simple. Rich people always
want to make MORE money and the Texas Lottery
has shown them an EASY way to bring in millions.

Just so you know, these 3 teams are invested $42M in an
app called "Jackpot" that just launched a few months ago.

The Dallas Cowboys has made millions and millions of
dollars from "so-called" sponsorships, licensed property
games, by charging the Texas Lottery excessive prices
for merchandise to give players as prizes from
the 2nd chance drawings and property rent.

Rather than explaining all of this now, let me
simply show you a couple of spreadsheets
and Purchase Orders so you understand
just how much money the TLC has paid to
Jerry Jones' companies. Then you'll understand
how GREED has taken over because the potential
earnings from Jackpot, could easily bring in more
money than what you will see in these documents!

Spreadsheet #1 - Listed are 3 of Jones' companies.
Pro Silver, ARK Group of Irving & Frisco Management.
I believe the monies were paid for sponsorships
and rent. I cannot explain the Prize winnings. (It is
also possible that there could be more payments that
I failed to pick up because there are other companies)

Spreadsheet #2 - Ya'll will all like to see this spreadsheet
because it's a Winners List and its huge. What you want to
see is the "winnings" that Pro Silver, Houston NFL Holdings
& TX Motor Speedway "won." It may be worth mentioning
that the CEO of TX Motor Speedway use to be VP of Dallas
Cowboys Training Camp Sales and Marketing. Hmmm...
You'll probably find it of great interest to see how much
IGT, Pollard Banknote, Sci Games also "won."
These are Texas Lottery vendors.

Understand, the monies are being paid from the
"prize winning" account. #7208 code ONLY.

One more thing for you to see. Ya'll have all seen
the Dallas Cowboys scratch ticket. To use that
name, the Texas Lottery has to pay a license fee
to use it. It is called a "Licensed Property Game"

Also the TLC is to paying rent at the Star in Frisco
and rent at Toyota Music Factory plus there's
sponsorships involved as well.

See the Purchase Orders and keep in mind, this
money comes out of the games prize pool meaning
less money to pay players who buy these tickets. As
does the highly inflated costs paid for 2nd chance prizes!


Jerry Jones - Purchase Orders Amount
Pro Silver Star PO FY18, pdf $3,812,180
Pro Silver Star PO FY19.pdf $3,818,545
Pro Silver Star PO FY20.pdf $3,875,101
Frisco FY18, pdf $874,181.80
Frisco FY19, pdf $848,720.00
Frisco FY20, pdf $900,407.00

For some unknown reason, the Texas Lottery has
failed to post the Purchase Orders for FY21 and FY22.
I know they exist because there was a new scratch
ticket each year.

Attention TLC ....
You need to post those Purchase orders.

In my opinion, this money has been spent foolishly.
Players would much rather have that money in a
prize pool to be paid out for prizes than to see it
go for "advertising." The truth is, the Texas
Lottery doesn't need that much advertising.
And it's not the best venue to reach players.

Let's look at the potential income from their app
so you'll understand why the RICH folks want
a piece of the lottery(s).

Their App, Jackpot, charges players a flat rate
of 15% to use the app. That means if you put
$100 in your Jackpot account, they will deduct
$115 from your bank acct. Then for each ticket
they "purchase" or "order" for you, the TLC
pays them a commission of a nickel (5%).
This means they earn 20% (20 cents) for
every dollar you spend.

So, let's just say that their weekly sales is
$5 million. That means the app, Jackpot,
earned a cool $1 million in one week.

Nice income for simply running a computer!

The biggest problem I have with all this is
that if "Apps" aren't stopped, then jackpots
will continue to be bought. The technology
allows the purchase of every combination
in a game guaranteeing a win and it's all
done electronically. And they don't even
print all of the tickets they sold.

It must stop.

The Texas Lottery was supposed to see
to it that "buying jackpots" was impossible.
That's why players could not purchase lottery
tickets by phone and players had to complete
a playslip to purchase their numbers. This
guaranteed that the rich couldn't buy jackpots
because a person couldn't buy that many tickets
between draws.

But Mr. Grief needed to increase sales so he made
a few "word" changes to the rule while nobody was
looking. I wonder what was in it for him. Maybe he'll
get another George Strait concert invitation as
Mr. Jones' special guest in the Jones Suite.


The Un-Reliable Data
From Jackpocket

This short story is a real NO-NO. It should NEVER
have happened ... Jackpocket gave a player the wrong
numbers TWICE. This means Jackpocket cannot be
TRUSTED. Mistakes like this are unacceptable.
I surmise that Jackpocket will "claim" that the
player should have looked at his "digital image"
and disregard the facts sent via 2 emails. Baloney.


Jackpocket Sends Player Two Messages ...

1) "
Your Jackpocket order for Cash5 was successful"
2) "Your lottery tickets are available for viewing"



(The message shown below was sent to
TLC Enforcement. The player was showing
Enforcement a serious error - the message includes
his explanation and the two messages he received
from Jackpocket. The Player never heard
back from the Texas Lottery.
Imagine that!!!!!)

Player buys a $3 Cash5 ticket.
Player receives an "order summary" email
then later receives a "view" your ticket email.
(Copy and pasted from the emails)

Order Summary
Order Id: 95NO75
Ordered at: Mon,
Mar 27 2023
11:29 AM (CDT)

Lottery: Cash Five
Drawing at: Mon,
Mar 27 2023 10:12 PM
Subtotal: $3.00
Total: $3.00
Credits used: $3.00
Numbers played:
Cash Five

Player Explains to Enforcement ...
Then a little later, I received another email
telling me that my lottery ticket was ready for
viewing and the message shows my numbers.
Here's a copy and paste from the email.

Your ticket is ready
Your lottery ticket is now available for viewing
on your Jackpocket mobile app in the Orders tab!
Rcd: Monday, 12:03 PM
This is for order 95NO75

Cash Five on Mon, Mar 27 2023 10:12 PM (CDT)

Serial Number: 2139-029780481-106021

Please notice that the numbers given in both
emails from Jackpocket are identical
(shown in red).


But then the next day, he receives
an email from Jackpocket that says ...

"Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Congrats, you won 1 free play!

Cash Five

Mon, Mar 27 2023 10:12 PM (CDT)

Result Numbers


Please allow up to 24 hours for your free tickets
to be uploaded. We’ll email you when they’re ready."


The Player is totally dumbfounded. He "assumes"
he's made a mistake and remembers that this
is the second time this has happened. So,
he double checks his notes and finds that he
wrote the numbers down correctly. He double
checks his emails and finds they confirm his
numbers too.

So then he decides to go look at his ticket
that was there for "viewing" and this
is what he saw .....


The numbers on this digital image are NOT the numbers
he received from Jackpocket twice. I can't even imagine
this being the case.

The numbers drawn for Cash5 on March 27, 2023 were
NONE of which matched the numbers
shown in either email he received from Jackpocket.

How dangerous is this for a lottery player????

Obviously, the TLC has NO oversight!

In concluding this section, not only do the apps allow
jackpots to be bought EASILY, but apps can't
honor promotions and they disseminate erroneous data.
Yet players are paying MORE than a dollar for each ticket.



Many Thanks to the Player Who Shared
His Communications/Complaints To
Both Jackpocket (An APP) &
to the Texas Lottery

The players complaint was that he purchased a $5 Lotto Texas
ticket and he was supposed to receive a FREE Lotto Texas ticket.
(This was March 2023 promo where if you bought
- on Friday's only - a 5 Lotto Texas ticket
- on one ticket - then you'd receive a FREE ticket.)

But instead of receiving one $5 Lotto Texas ticket, Jackpocket,
the app, gave him one $4 ticket and one $1 ticket thus cheating
him out of his free ticket. From the writings he shared, it appears
it took an act of God to get answers as to why this occurred! In
fact, they only responded after he copied others in his
communications. See what I mean ...

Date To Message Sent
Mar 11
2:58 PM
Player to
I was suppose to receive one free
Lotto Texas ticket for each $5 Lotto Texas ticket
purchased on Friday's. I purchased two $5 tickets
yesterday expecting to receive two free tickets.

This is a March promotion offered by
the Texas Lottery. Where are
my two extra tickets?

Mar 13
11:15 AM

Player to
Do you intend to answer my email
sent on Saturday? I did NOT
receive my free tickets.
Mar 14
Player to
I wrote Saturday and Monday and have
not received an answer yet. When
I purchased my TWO $5 Lotto Texas
tickets I was supposed to receive
two free tickets. I didn't.
Please respond with WHY.
Mar 18
Player to
Copies Sent To,,,,
Tom Gaglardi, Dallas Stars
Yesterday morning (Friday, 3/17/23),
I purchased TWO separate $5
Lotto Texas Quick Picks but
rather than to fill my order as
purchased, you provided me with
TWO $4 quick picks and
TWO $1 quick picks. By
doing this, you CHEATED me out
of my TWO FREE $1 Quick Picks
as offered in the Texas Lottery's
"March Free Friday's"

I specifically bought $5 Quick Picks because
the March Promotion requires players to
purchase a minimum of $5 Lotto Texas tickets
on the same ticket. A $4 Lotto Texas ticket and
a $1 Lotto Texas ticket does not qualify for
a player to receive the free Lotto Texas ticket.

On Friday, 3/10/23, I also purchased TWO
$5 quick picks and I thought I'd received
exactly that but I did not receive my FREE tickets
as promised in the promotion. As it turns out,
they printed $4 and $1 tickets then too.

I emailed Jackpocket Support two or three
times but I have not received a response.

Because of the change Jackpocket/Winners Corner
made to my Lotto Texas ticket purchases and your
failure to respond to my complaints, I am filing
complaints with the Texas Lottery and the
Consumer Protection Division of the Texas
Attorney General. I firmly believe the retailer
purposely and intentionally cheated me by
printing separate tickets but still totalling $5 each.
I pay a premium price for each ticket I purchase
from the Jackpocket app (minimum $1.09 each)
so I resent being tricked. I can only imagine how
many other players failed to receive their
free tickets as well.

Mar 18
2:45 PM
to Player
Thanks for contacting Jackpocket!

Unfortunately, Jackpocket does not offer
the March Free Friday's promotion
through our app. To receive the free play,
you will need to order the tickets at
retail locations. We apologize for the
confusion there.

As a one time courtesy, we have credited
your account $2 for a free play on us!

If you have any further questions, please
let me know! Happy to help!

3:47 PM
to Player
Thanks for your replies. My name is Paige and
I'm one of the customer support supervisors
here at Jackpocket. Your ticket was escalated
to me by our associate, and I would like to
further explain to you why we cannot support
the promotion that you're referencing.

This promotion is an in-store promotion, meaning
you must go into a lottery retailer and purchase
the tickets yourself in order to participate in the
promotion. Purchasing your tickets through a
lottery courier service like Jackpocket, will
not guarantee the promotion to you. This is
addressed in our terms of service, in section
7 paragraph i as quoted below:

"Jackpocket does not honor free Ticket promotions
offered by the state Lotteries. For example,
sometimes the state Lottery will offer a promotion
stating that if you buy a ticket with five Drawing
Entries for a given Lottery, you will get
an additional quick pick for free. If you
make an order with Jackpocket with five
Drawing Entries, you will get the Drawing Entries
you order, but you will not receive the additional
quick pick._

By agreeing to use our application you are agreeing
to our terms of service, which as stated above,
we do not honor free ticket promotions.

While we know that this is a disappointment
our team is actively working on building out a
way to support these promotions in the future.

Please let me know if you have any other
questions please let me know.


After reading these emails, my 1st question was,
WHY didn't Jackpocket respond on March 11th?
Why was it necessary to copy the TLC, the press,
and a lawyer before Jackpocket responded???


Texas Lottery Enforcement/Security
The Player copied Gary Grief and Ryan Mindell. Obviously,
they forwarded the complaint to the Enforcement Division.
I am in receipt of emails between Enforcement and the Player.
From what I saw, Enforcement tried to tell the Player that he
didn't qualify for the FREE ticket because there was NO $5
Lotto ticket purchased on the same ticket. DUH ....
That was the whole point .... He bought two separate
$5 tickets but never received the free tickets. Jackpocket
eventually confirmed that they don't honor free tickets.

From what I saw, the TLC failed to take any action.
I made an Open Records request for any complaints the
TLC had received on the various apps but they responded
with a 4 month delay to provide any info. I revised my request
to just complaints handled by TLC Enforcement/Security
and they responded by telling me there were no
documents responsive on May 10, 2023.

Lies ...
.I am in receipt of at least 13 communications
between the Player and Enforcement. As I write this,
I have not responded to Open Records response to let
them know that documents responsive SHOULD exist.

Below is the $4 and $1 Lotto Texas tickets
Jackpocket provided to the Player.


Jackpocket, and most likely all other apps, had to split
the players $5 Lotto Texas purchases into $4 ticket and
$1 tickets or $3 and $2 tickets because they NEVER
really sent a "messenger" to a brick and mortar store to
"purchase" lottery tickets. Also, notice the time these
tickets were purchased/printed - one at 9 am
and the other one at 12:12 pm.

You see, a REAL free ticket would have been
a genuine Texas Lottery Quick Pick and the only
way Jackpocket could have told their customers
what their numbers were in advance was to have
actually purchased a $5 Quick Pick via a TX Lottery
terminal. The freebie is printed automatically.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here!

Notice the "Free Friday's" message on the ticket.

In concluding this section, not only do the apps allow
jackpots to be bought EASILY, but they can't
honor promotions. Yet players are paying
MORE than a dollar for each ticket.


Part 4

The unbelievable costs players are paying for their
lottery tickets, the GPS tracking programs, links to very
interesting stories about the apps and finally, the
use of AI - Artificial Intelligence.

The FIRST attempt to buy the 4/15/23 jackpot -
one week prior to the $95 million dollar win.
Then, a fascinating look at the 311 tickets
that matched five of six numbers from
the 4/22/23 $95 M Lotto Texas drawing.
All but 20 of these tickets were sold by
"retailers" who sell lottery tickets via an app.

I hope to have this posted Sunday,
May 28, 2023. It's not as hard as the
first 3 Parts plus half of it is already done!




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TX Senate Finance Committee Hearing
- Watch this incredible video -
When you get to this site ...
1) Select month of "February 2023"
2) Select "Senate Finance II"
3) Select "Feb 14, 2023"
4) Start the video then fast forward to 2:10:40.
This is the beginning of the TLC's, Gary Grief's,
testimony. Senator's questions, pertaining to
the apps, are at end of Grief's testimony
which is only 8 minutes long.

Now let's put the Cherry on the Cake!
Now move forward to 3:46:10

to hear the testimony of Rob Kohler. After
Mr. Kohler's testimony, where he tells the
Senators what the TLC "really" did, listen to
Senator Bob Hall's questions and comments

-- Looks Like Unhappy Senators To Me --
Very interesting to say the least!


Everybody needs to read and watch these new stories.
For the newspapers, you will have to pay a $1 for a
$3 month subsciptions but I'd strongly encourage
you to pay it. More stories are forthcoming and
this way you will be able to read them

"The store that sold the winning $95M Lotto Texas
ticket is actually a Montana Fishing company"

Caller Times by John Moritz -
Appeared 4/25/23 in multiple papers
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racked up $11M in sales over 3 days"

Caller Times by John Moritz - 4/27/23
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Dallas Morning News by Dave Lieber 4/27/23
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"Lawmaker, Lottery App Operators at
Odds Over Lottery Courier Services"

NBC TV News - Aired 10 PM - 4/27/23,
(I was asked to give an interview for this story
but couldn't do it in time, sorry. But Gary Grief did, juicy!
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Lottery Watchdogs: Is there a way to beat the system?
By JD Miles, CBS TV News - Aired 5/1/23
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Complaint Filed With TX AG
by Christian Life Commission
Click here

Import Lottery Tickets - 18 U.S.C 1301
Eisner Gorin LLP (California Attorneys)
(I'm not a lawyer but I do wonder if this
article means Federal Laws are being broken?
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