About The New Lotto Texas Game ... 6/54 ... Starts April 23, 2006 ...

Don't Let The TLC Mislead You ...
Contrary to what they want you to believe, the Lotto Texas game
is NOT the "same" 6/54 game that we played once before.
They claim a "Legend Returns" but a "Legend" has NOT returned!

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Posted - Sunday, April 23, 2006
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The Official Lotto Texas Rule
See how the TLC summarized your comments and read
the official Lotto Texas rule that became effective April 23, 2006.

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The Distribution of Lotto Texas Monies
See how Lotto Texas monies are distributed, what the prize allocations
were for all four Lotto Texas matrices and how to figure Lotto Texas sales.
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A New Lotto Texas Game
The Lotto Texas game has changed again - effective April 23, 2006.

While this game is not the matrix and odds that players wanted and commented on several months ago, it none-the-less, is a better matrix and odds than what was forced down our throats in May 2003. That's about the only good thing I can say about the matrix and the odds. It's better odds than what we had yesterday (4/22/06).

What you players need to know and understand is that the "prize structure" and "prize pool" has been changed from the original 6/54 game. This is why I'm so upset that the TLC would have the nerve to heavily promote ..."A Legend Returns."

The TLC's Use of the Phrase "A Legend Returns"
This is clearly deceptive advertising as it implies it's the "same" game we played once before. But it's not the "same" game - only the matrix/odds is the same - the "prize pool" and the "prize structure" is entirely different.

Let me explain "deceptive" regarding the phrase "A Legend Returns - 4/23/06" - First of all, it's impossible for "a legend" to "return" if it's never been played before.

Second, in the eyes of the players, the game that is considered "a legend" would be the 6/50 matrix. The TLC has thousands of comments that would reflect your definition of what you'd "really" consider "a legend." FYI - The TLC is saying that the word "legend" is intended to refer to picking 6 numbers from 54 numbers with no bonus ball. Do you think their advertising makes this clear? Judging from your emails to me about this, you don't!

Third, since when does any game warrant being termed "a legend" when it was a complete failure and hated by so many? They hired Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman to make the People of Texas believe ... A Legend Was Returning.

If you look up the word "legend" in the dictionary, you will find words like a "marvelous," "character," "fantastic," "fabulous," "respect," "tradition" - among others. Those are great words to describe Troy and Emmitt - but hardly applicable to "either version" of the 6/54 Lotto Texas game.

Records show the People opposed the first 6/54 game because the odds were increasing to 26.8 million-to-one - an unfair game we said back in April 2000. So ultimately, we were forced to speak with our dollars and Lotto Texas sales fell by $1.37 BILLION in just 292 draws when they switched from 6/50 to 6/54.

But now 6/54 is being termed a "legend" by the TLC? WOW ... What BS. The sad thing is that many people won't know it's not the "same" game we played once before. They'll find out when they win something though and they may even get mad at Troy & Emmitt.

In a press release issued this morning (4/23/06), the TLC has told the media, "A Legend Returns. Starting today, players will find the Lotto Texas game they know and love has returned."

This is the first sentence in the release and it is an out and out lie. But the Texas Lottery is banking on TV, radio and newspaper reporters to report this. And they will. But don't blame the reporters, they have no idea that the TLC is being deceptive in their promotions.

Folks, we have never played this game - its prize pool is not the same (lowered) nor is the prize structure the same (also lowered) when we played the matrix of 6/54 beginning in July 2000 through May 2003. Not only that, but the first 6/54 paid us $5 when we matched 3 of 6 numbers. Now we'll get $3 under this new rule. Hardly the game they claim "we loved" as was evidenced by the huge decline in sales the first go 'round.

What can you do?
Ya'll have been asking me if there was anything you can do about the TLC's deceptive advertising on this issue - the answer is YES. File a consumer complaint with the AG's Consumer Complaint Division and contact your legislators too. They're in special session now so they'll be easy to reach and they should speak up for you. I plan to file a complaint too.

The Specific Changes
Now let's move on to the changes that were actually made to the game that we'll be playing - IF - we support it. Here are the specifics and just so that you know it, there are two good changes ...

The Good
Let me tell you the two good things first. There will be no reserve fund with this new game and they will no longer "round down" all pari-mutuel prize amounts. I believe the legislature stepped in on our behalf with these two issues and we should be grateful for this much.

The Bad
The "prize pool" is the percentage of sales that is given back to players by way of prizes. The "prize pool" for the first 6/54 game was 55%. For the 6/54 game that we will be playing effective 4/23/06, the prize pool has been reduced to 50% of sales. - But remember, they want you to believe "A Legend Returns!" :)) -

A return of 50% wouldn't be a problem EXCEPT we have NO guarantee that we WILL see 50% of sales because the game offers a "guaranteed" 4th prize of $3 (matching 3 of 6 numbers). Which, incidentally, has been reduced from $5 when we played it the first time. They've over allocated the amount needed to pay these $3 prizes, therefore, I predict we won't see 50% of sales returned to the players. FYI - We've never seen the percentage they've quoted to us as being returned to players and we probably won't receive this percentage [50%] either.

The "prize structure" is the percentage of sales from the "prize pool" that's allocated for each prize category. i.e. .. 6 of 6 share, 5 of 6 share, 4 of 6 share, and 3 of 6 share.

The percentages allocated for matching 5 of 6, 4 of 6, and 3 of 6 has been significantly reduced. Now the 6 of 6 share increased by roughly 3%. - But remember, they want you to believe "A Legend Returns!" :)) -

When they took away our favorite (the real "legendary" game) 6/50 matrix, they touted the good aspects as: 1) "the low tier prizes would increase from $3 - $1,500 TO $5 to $2,500 and they touted, "The prize payout, or amount of cash winnings returned to Lotto Texas players, will also be raised from 50% to 55% of total lotto sales." Notice too that they left out the 4 of 6 prize amounts ... that's because the 4 of 6 prize category is/was the greatest reduction.

Imagine how you will feel when you match 4 of 6 numbers and go to collect your measly est $50 prize then you match 5 of 6 number and you get to collect an est $2,000 compared to the amounts you once received while playing 6/54 several years ago.

These are the NEW prize amounts. 4th Prize: Guaranteed $3 - 3rd Prize; Est $50 & 2nd Prize: Est $2,000. - But remember, they want you to believe "A Legend Returns!" :)) -

Someday the lotteries will come to terms with the theory that if they'd pay decent prizes at the low tier prize levels, their sales would increase. And by the way, they totally disagree with me on this issue.

About the proposals to do away with our rules and convert the rules into policies and procedures ...
Fortunately the legislature stepped in on this proposal and squashed it. The TLC did not withdraw the rule so everyone would know - they are just going to let it expire by law. We will continue to have rules with the opportunity to comment on rule changes. They were not able to take away our voice but they sure as the dickens tried!

As one commenter so elegantly stated about this particular proposal ... "The ideal of the TLC asking for the authority to change the rules it is regulated by is fundamentally wrong. The argument that this is justified because the TLC would be able to quickly change its rules is, in itself, flawed logic. The very purpose of the laws, rules, and regulatory oversite in place today with the TLC is to deliberately slow down the speed at which the TLC can make drastic changes, thereby allowing the public time to become aware of and respond to proposed changes. This very letter is proof that procedural system works."

Below is the Executive Summary of Public Comment that was submitted to the Texas Lottery regarding changing our Lotto Texas game.

The Texas Lottery Commission proposed several game changes that were not adequately explained to the public, despite suggestions from the chairman of the TLC.

• The feedback from players and the public opposes the proposed game changes.
• 89.21% Opposed the Repeals and proposed General Rule (401.304)
• 82.32% Oppose the prize allocations proposed (Lotto Texas, 401.305)
• 80.16% Oppose the rule not guaranteeing a return of 50% of sales (401.305)
• 72.97% Oppose “rounding down” prizes amounts (401.305)
• 82.01% Reqested that the rule include how the jackpot prize is calculated (401.305)
• 93.83% Favor a matrix of less than 6/54 with the vast majority wanting the original 6/50 game back (401.305)

• The Comptrollers Office and the TLC have stated that these game changes will NOT increase revenues to the State, yet the proposed matrix for Lotto Texas will REDUCE the prize pool to the players by 2%.

• The decrease in money going to the players in the form of prizes is NOT accounted for by the TLC in terms of revenue to the State.

• There are two significant questions the TLC has failed to answer:
1) If not the State of Texas and the players of the Lottery, who is the TLC serving?
2) If the purpose of the TLC is to generate revenue for the State of Texas, who profits from the reduction in prizes to the players if no revenue is generated?

• The TLC has proposed game changes that do not guarantee players the game they want, do not provide prizes that excite them, and does not increase revenue to the State.

Read the report in its entirety ... click here, pdf.

The Official Lotto Texas Rule
See how the TLC summarized your comments and read
the official Lotto Texas rule that became effective April 23, 2006.

Click here - a pdf

The Distribution of Lotto Texas Monies
See how Lotto Texas monies are distributed, what the prize allocations
were for all four Lotto Texas matrices and how to figure Lotto Texas sales.
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