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Originally Posted: Jan 29, 2019
Added New Stories/Links: August 15, 2019

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I'm going to use this page to keep related stories to the biggest lottery
scam in US history. For a complete recap of the entire Eddie Tipton case,
read the stories shown on the left side below. Then update stories will
be posted on the right side of this page with the new stories on top.
These stories will pertain to Computerized Drawing which was
how the scam was successfully accomplished.


How A Gaming Geek
With Checkered Past
Pulled Off
The Biggest
Lottery Scam in U.S. History

Part 1 - A must read for all lottery
players - an investigative story to beat all.
Des Moines Register - posted 3/15/18.
This is WHY all computerized draws
should be outlawed. Click here

Same Geek Says US
Lotteries Are Fatally Flawed

Part 2 of a fascinating investigative story.
Texas Lottery Director Gary Grief says
it's been fixed. But they still have
computerized draws and that's the
ONLY way to fix it! Hmmm ....
Posted 3/16/18 - Click Here



Architect of biggest U.S. lottery scam
had targeted Powerball, new book says

Unreal, the story just keeps getting juicer!
Posted June 3, 2019 - Click here

Convicted lottery cheats deed property
to mother,
avoid most court-ordered

It seems to never end ... what people get
away with! This story was actually posted
on April 30, 2019 but I was late in putting a
link to it. Posted May 13, 2019.
Click here

Duplicate Winning Numbers Drawn? Hmm ...
Computertized Draws "Really"
Random & Trustworthy?

Yet another investigative story showing WHY
RNG's should be banned for use by the Legislatures.
Can you imagine having the same set of 5 or 6 numbers
drawn in consecutive draws? Of course, the lottery ignored
it! Remarkable findings - every one should read this story by
Jason Clayworth, DeMoines Register, 1/31/19. Click here.

Maybe Jason will do a story on the states that "claim"
players want their QP tickets to contain identical numbers
when they buy Quick Picks.
Clerks are able to print
duplicate Quick Picks. When a player catches duplicate
numbers on his tickets, he complains. The store takes the
tickets back and re-sells the duplicate tickets to unsuspecting
players. Savvy huh? These states have told me it would
be too costly to fix the software and anyway, they say,
"groups want duplicate numbers so every one in the
group gets a ticket.
" Baloney! I said, "Why not have
the player buy ONE quick pick then copy those
numbers to a playslip and run the playslip 10, 20 ,
50, 100 times if that's what they want?
" Interestingly,
these duplicate tickets are all marked with "QP."
So much for "random" numbers on QP's!

Lottery Lawsuit Granted Class Action Status
Affects 7.2 Million Tickets In 19 States

Lotteries have been taking advantage
of players for a long time. In so many ways
and players have no recourse. So I'm
thrilled to see a court allow players to
fight back. Great story - let's all hope
there's justice for players in the end.
Great story by Jason Clayworth, an
Investigative Reporter with
the Des Moines Register
Posted 1/29/19 - Click here

Is The Connecticut Lottery
Secretly Considering
to Computerized Drawings?

According to the Hartford Courant,
CT is considering offering draws that can
be rigged. Players have been opposing
RNG's (computerized draws) for years.
Why do the lotteries continue to go
against the players? And especially
this particular lottery after
all the negative press.
Posted 12/30/18 Click here.

Geek Brothers Who Rigged
& Won Lotto Drawings

Getting Away With Not
Paying Restitution.

How very sad. Another
tremedous nvestigative story
by the Des Moines Register &
Corpus Christi Caller Times.

Posted 12/26/18. Click here.



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