Duplicate Powerball Quick Picks Sold in Louisiana

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Originally Posted: November 7, 2013
Updated: Nov 12, 2013 - 1:30 PM
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Unbelievable ....

Lottery Terminal Prints Four Duplicate Powerball Quick Picks
All Printed One Second Apart

How very sad that any state would purposely sell
Quick Pick tickets and/or that any Lottery
vendor (Intralot) or Lottery
would have this option
included in their terminal's software.

In today's case, I am assuming the feature is included in
Louisiana's software because Intralot is their vendor and this
was the outcome of my March 2012 New Mexico duplicate
ticket story. Intralot confirmed their terminals would
purposely print duplicate Quick Pick tickets. They
claim to think players want tickets with the
same numbers printed on them -
- stinkin' thinkin' - huh!

What ya'll need to understand is, the states don't sell
very many of the total combinations anyway so with
this TRICK, they are further reducing the "coverage"
sold for each draw. This increases the chances that the
jackpot will roll which is what they want. The higher the
jackpot the more money players will spend and lose.

At any rate, the player who bought the tickets shown below
was attempting to buy 4 chances to win at a cost of $8 - instead
he only received ONE chance to win at the expense of $8!

The player wrote, "I asked the local powerball office what
could be done and they said too bad for you.
" Well, I have since
spoken to the Louisiana Lottery and they said they were unaware
of either his call or this incident. I trust they are investigating it now
and will do something to let this player know they do - in fact - care.
And give him the good news that this feature will be disabled immediately!

Update - Nov 12, 2013

FYI - I did not ask the player questions initially - seeing his tickets and
his message was sufficient. I did ask permission to post. But when I
contacted the LA Lottery, they asked lots of questions that I could not
answer because I didn't ask the player. At any rate, after I posted this
story, the player wrote back which I'm really glad he did. He had ONE very
short message and it was ... "FYI; I stopped by the Lafayette, La Lottery
office (5520 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 262-5413) on
Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 and spoke with the person behind the counter.

Think this was his way of making it perfectly clear that the
LA Lottery did know about his duplicate QP's! <grin>

This morning the LA Lottery contacted both of us to
acknowledge the incident. They explained that their terminals DO
have the capability of generating duplicate QP's but they explained
that it is buried in the program. Unfortunately, they have no
intentions at this time of changing their software.

The solution they offer is for players to check their tickets
prior to leaving the store and IF you don't get what you
wanted, tell the retailer and he will take your ticket(s) back and
will give you another one. Of course this means that the retailer
will simply sell the duplicate tickets to other unsuspecting players.
Again - this goes to the heart of further reducing the "coverage"
so the jackpots will roll. I call this dishonest!

If I lived in LA and played the lottery, I believe I would write
the lottery, my legislator and my newspapers with how I
feel about them selling duplicate QP's. And if you are
a Texan who buys tickets in LA - I'd quit if I were you!





- FYI -
I attempted to reduce the size of the .jpg and in doing so, I cut off

the top of the first two tickets. I do have the original copy but you can
still see
what's important - the date and time each ticket was printed
and the Powerball numbers.


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