Vital Game Information Not Disclosed
For the Scratch Tickets.

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Posted - Tuesday, March 6, 2001 - 9:45 PM
Revised - Friday, June 8, 2001 - 11:15 AM


Update - June 8, 2001 - Ms. Linda Cloud testified on Jan. 31, 2001 at an emergency meeting that because she wanted to use "actual figures" and not "approximate figures" for scratch ticket information given to the players, she was going to start printing two separate promotional pieces, called 'sell-in-sheets.' She explained that the "first" sell-in-sheet would no longer show how many tickets were printed nor would it show how many prizes there were because she did not have that information. This sell-in-sheet would only show what the prizes were.

However, the second sell-in-sheet she was going to print was going to show how many prizes were "actually" printed and how many tickets were "actually" printed. Ms. Cloud said the second sell-in-sheet would be out 3 weeks after the game began and would show "actual" figures for the players.

This is an excerpt from the transcript showing Ms. Clouds testimony ...

"CHAIRMAN HEFLIN: Okay. Then the Commission -- the agency will have the ability to send a second sheet with corrected information once all the tickets have been delivered. Is that right?

MS. CLOUD: That's correct. That's the intent, but what we intend to do with the initial shipment of the selling sheet two weeks prior to the game going out on the street is to leave out totally the number of tickets in that prize level, just send out to the retailer from this point forward the amount of the prizes that are in the game, and then after the game is received by us and we have the end of production information, then we'll send out a new selling sheet that will replace this one."

Well, it's June now and the problem is, she's never produced a single solitary "new" sell-in-sheet for any of the new games since then. Plus, she's still using "approximate figures" on the sheets she produces. The TLC has deleted invaluable player information on their promotional pieces and are selling a product without disclosing pertinent data.

I still believe this information should be available for players and it should be available at the very location where they purchase the lottery products. What do you think?

- End Update -

The Bottom Line

On Jan. 31, 2001, the Texas Lottery Commission requested an "emergency meeting" with their Legislative Leaders to advise them that they have "reason" to believe they need to start deleting, from their promotional brochures, how many scratch tickets are printed and how many prizes there are for each prize category. Whether you are a scratch player or not, the point is, the TLC is attempting to hide information that they don't want readily known and there is no excuse good enough to permit this action. And I can assure you, they don't have a legitimate reason anyway - which you will determine on your own when you read the testimony.

I feel strongly that we, the People of Texas, must not allow this. I believe Retailers must be able to disclose this information when players ask and certainly prior to selling the tickets. The TLC is attempting to take this information from the Retailers and I firmly believe the TLC is totally out of line.

Please know - there are consumer laws that require sellers to disclose mileage before selling a car - I feel the same law should apply to the TLC and their scratch off tickets. If a player wants to know how many winning tickets were printed AND how many total tickets were printed prior to purchasing them, then they should have a right to that information and it should be available at the very location where they purchase the tickets.

This is, in a nutshell, is what's going on and we need to speak up.

To Read The Details

To read the transcript from the "Emergency Meeting" where the TLC explains why they want to make this change, click here. (I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with the questions and comments the Legislative Leaders made while listening to this testimony. They are sharp.)

To read the letter I wrote and mailed last week to the Legislative Leaders regarding the testimony and my opposition to this change, click here. (Requires Adobe Reader) - Note, portions of my letter may not make sense to you unless you've read the testimony.

The Solution

I am providing one very powerful e-mail link that is
addressed to the People that can help us. They are:

The Four Legislative Leaders who heard this testimony
Chair Talmadge Heflin
Senator Leticia R. Van de Putte
Representative Vilma Luna
Representative Robert Puente
The major metropolitan newspapers
(I am deleting the papers (3-12-01) - they've seen
enough but the Legislative Leaders have not.
I'll keep the papers informed from now on.)

The Dallas Morning News
The Ft. Worth Star Telegram
The Austin American Statesman
The San Antonio Express News
The Houston Chronicle
The Lotto Report
(except I'm not a newspaper - in fact, according
to the TLC, I'm not even a media!)

I guarantee, if everyone of you will just send a message, the TLC will
be stopped dead in their tracks. This is also your golden opportunity to
voice any of your other concerns. When you send this email, you must
include your full name, address, city, state & zip for it to become
a matter of record. These people will probably make sure that your state
representative is aware of your complaint and I have been assured,
this will work. But I need a big response and I'm counting on ya'll.
For those of you who complain about your writing skills, all you really have
to say is: (If you like, you can copy and paste the following message
and if you approve of the TLC's plan, then say that instead.)

"I firmly believe all printed display marketing materials for Texas' scratch
games should include, for the players benefit, how many scratch tickets
were printed and how many prizes there are for each of the given prizes.
Whether it's approximate or actual figures is unimportant - just so
long as players who request the information have access to it at the
retail location before they purchase the ticket. I believe this very
information is the foundation of each game."
Then give your name, address, city, state, zip.
In the subject line, just say:
Jan 31, 2001 Emergency Meeting Called by the TLC

Here is a special link to the
people that will listen to us ...

just click here and your email program should open up
(Use this link if your email program needs comma's to separate addresses)
just click here and your email program should open up -
(Use this link if your email program needs semi-colons to separate addresses)

Why Is The Commission and Commissioners
Not Included

They are not included for these reasons - (1) The Commissioners did not stand up to Linda Cloud and say on behalf of the players and myself (with regard to my fax suspension and my being a "media") - "Look, I know you don't like what she tells the people. But let's face it, she does post drawing results nightly for our players, she does post the winning retailer information for our players, she does post the press releases for our players, and she does publish a publication regarding the Texas Lottery every other week for our players. - So, don't you think we should see to it that she gets the same timely information from the Commission that we provide for everyone else who publishes this information for our players?" I ask you, why waste our time expressing our concerns to them - obviously, it won't do us any good - it didn't do us any good when we objected to adding those 4 balls. (2) The Commissioners don't play the games. They were shown the printed pieces and yet they didn't catch the flaws or ask any questions like the Legislative Leaders did, so - why waste our bandwidth?

In Closing

We need a big response. Would you please help me spread the word about this and ask your friends to send an email too. That is, if they believe the TLC should be open and up front with us! My sincere appreciation for any consideration you give this matter.

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