Unbelievable - After 80 Consecutive Lotto TX Draws, There's Still No Jackpot Winner ... How Sad That The TLC/State Can Sell A Product With Odds That Are Not Supported by Sales (The Coverage is Roughly 5%) ... IF Players Had Consumer Protection, This Game Would Be Condemned By The Courts ....

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About That $100 Scratch Ticket
I'm mad and you should be too. Bottom
line for this irresponsible stunt is to make
up for the losses for going to 3 draws
per week. Posted 5/18/22 - Part 1
Click here


- Once Again - I Have Defective Lottery Tickets -
I purchased illegible lottery tickets and the Texas Lottery
is refusing to tell me what numbers were suppose to
be printed on them. They're claiming it's "Confidential"
information. They filed for an AG Opinion. Unbelievable -
A Must Read .... Posted 4/20/22 - Click here


- Director Gary Grief's Favorite Pastime -
Traveling The World For Free

A minimum of 105 trips at a cost of a minimum
of $160,000. An unbeliebable story - Click here


Texas' Fun 5's
Scratch Ticket Lawsuits

The Lawyers Blog
Updated March 1, 2022 -
The Honorable Amy Clark Meachum denied GTECH’s
motion for summary judgment. Judge Meachum also
notified the parties that the first bellwether trial in her court
would be postponed until sometime after July 1 due to court
backlogs caused by the pandemic. Read story. Click here



Media Coverage - Fun 5's
Many news stories can be found
on our NEW Site Map page

USA Today - Caller Times (1/23/18)


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The largest lottery jackpot in U. S. history.
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Key Lottery MUSL Director Out Due To Jackpot Fixing
An AP Story -12/23/15 - Click here


Texas Lottery/G-Tech Deceiving Players Again
Deceptive advertising regarding receiving FREE promotional
Lotto Texas tickets. Unbelievable. See it to believe it. I think the
AG would go after any business in the private sector for this.
Posted 12/05/15 - Updated 12/06/15 - Click here

- Texas Triple Chance -
Triple Chance Sales and Payouts, Click here
Triple Chance Rule and Game Details, Click here

Game adopted and TX begins play on 9/28/15

With this letter, I've done all I can do - Posted 1/30/14. Click here

Is this game a true lottery game? Is it legal? Posted 1/20/14, Click here
"Secretly" Proposed - Details New Game - Posted 1/7/14, Click here

Did Gary Grief Lead The Commissioners To
Believe All or Nothing was born in Texas?

And about that highly publicized "liability" problem.
Posted 6/8/13 - Click here

Houston Chronicle Exposes Mr. Grief's
Contractions Regarding All or Nothing

Here's the answers to all your questions and the
REAL truth (6/5/13) Edited. Minor language
changes made.(6/6/13).... Click here

I Asked Governor Abbott ... When Lottery Players (Consumers)
Feel Wronged by The TLC, Who Can They Call For Help?

My letter to the Governor (5/21/15), Click here (pdf)
Governor's letter to me (5/26/15), Click here (pdf)
(NO, I did NOT alter Abbott's letter)
NEW - Gary Grief replies to my letter as requested
by Governor Abbott (5/29/15) Click here pdf
NEW - 6/13/15 My reply to Gary Grief's
letter, click here, pdf

This is an unofficial site and is not associated
with the TLC (Texas Lottery). Although I take
extreme care in posting the results- I offer no
warranty as to the accuracy of any of my
presented information. To confirm winning
numbers - I strongly urge you to obtain a
printout from your retailer. Do NOT ask
them to run your tickets through the machines -
the TxLottery machines can & do make mistakes.
Check your own tickets.

Here's why lottotexas.com has moved
to www.LottoReport.com ....

The Texas Lottery filed a complaint with WIPO and
the panelist ruled in their favor - awarding the
Texas Lottery the domain name, lottotexas.com/net.

I have 10 days to file a lawsuit which I'm currently considering.
Filing a lawsuit is my only option in keeping the domain names.
(I decided not to pursue this issue)

Here is the story about the Texas Lottery's victory,
then I've made additional comments for you ....

Texas Lottery Hits Jackpot, Wins 3 Domain Names
Texas Lottery wins three domain names in arbitration.

Story Appeared Sept 9, 2010

The Texas Lottery Commission has won a big prize, taking home three domain names through arbitration — including one that gets over 65,000 visits a month.

The group filed the complaint against The Lotto Report for LottoTexas.com, LottoTexas.net, and Megaplier.org. Megaplier is the name of a lotto add-on in the state that lets people multiply their winnings. LottoTexas.com is a big traffic domain, and Compete.com shows it getting nearly 20,000 uniques and over 65,000 visits in July. The domains are forwarded to various pages on LottoReport.com.

The Lotto Report said it bought LottoTexas.com and LottoTexas.net from their previous owner in 2008. They were active web sites before that, and The Lotto Report says it has maintained them by posting lotto results, rule changes, and news.

The Lotto Report had a chance to win the case, but was probably doomed because the web sites included links to the respondent’s paid subscription service. The respondent tried to argue that the subscription service was unsuccessful and winding down, but the panelist found this irrelevant.

Comments & Opinions by Dawn Nettles - www.lottoreport.com

I play the lottery and I lose every time I play - I generally taking losing as a part of life. I move on. I don't let any thing get me down. In the case of losing my domain names, when I make a final decision on what I plan to do - fight them or not fight them - I will be at peace.

I don't mind losing if it's a fair fight, but in this case, I don't feel as though it was fair. This is because the sole WIPO panelist, Roberto Americo Bianchi, who made the decision to give the TLC my domain names, made a mistake in his decision indicating to me that he didn't read or fully consider our response plus he has a track record of ruling in favor of big businesses. His decision came fast - too fast to have examined and considered all the documents he possessed.

Here is one of the mistakes found in his decision and the only one I can tell you about at this time ...

The panelist wrote in his decision ...

"As to the "lottotexas" domain names, it is true that in some press articles Respondent has been called by the expression "the Lotto Texas Watchdog". However, this apparently happened after she had registered the domain names at issue, and this Panel believes that in order to claim rights or legitimate interests the common knowledge under Policy 4.c.ii must have existed before the moment of registration of the domain name."

Notice that he emphasizes "after" (he didn't underline it in his decision, it was just italicized) - well ... the problem is we not only stated that I had been recognized as a "watchdog" since as early as 1999 in our response - which was long before I obtained lottotexas.com in Dec 2008 - but we also included 100 of 209 news stories for proof.

IF he had read our material carefully, he would have seen the vast majority of the news stories were regarding the game - Lotto Texas. What happened to common sense and reasoning? "watch dog" ... "lotto texas" ... "texas lottery"

IF he had truly read the news summaries, I don't believe the above statement would be found in his decision as it wasn't necessary since he states in the next paragraph that even if I had demonstrated that I was commonly called the Lotto Texas Watchdog, it wouldn't have made any differences to him.

So here is what I'm going to do for my lottotexas visitors. Because the domain name is in jeopardy, I am making it my home page at www.lottoreport.com. It will always be there and you can depend on having the results and payouts after every draw fast.

Just save the new address in your favorites. The Texas Lottery can't touch this domain name so it will be a safe and reliable site for all of you - www.lottoreport.com.

In case you are wondering why the Texas Lottery did this, it's because they don't want you to know the things I tell you.

Now go on and get your drawing results which is why you came here in the first place! Click here.

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