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Originally Posted: Oct 21, 2019
Revised: Oct 22, 2019 - Fixed typo's and minor edits
Oct 23, 2019 - Inserted links to documents in story
(Grief CC Agreement & Grief Singapore Memo)
Nov 11, 2019 - Fixed links to documents that were in error.
Specifically to Mr. Grief's travel vouchers.


Editorial and Opinions by
Dawn Nettles


- A Must Read -
Complaint Letter to Governor Abbott
Posted 11/9/19 - Click here
Exhibits to letter:
Exhibits A - D - Click here
Exhibits E - J - Click here

A Look At Executive Director Gary Grief's
Favorite Pastime - Traveling For Free


Introduction to This Story

If you read the first story or the third story
in this series, then you know that I met
with both former and current lottery
employees in May. Of the many allegations
made, one was that Mr. Grief was wasting
taxpayer money on his world wide travels and
the State was actually paying for his trips even
though Mr. Grief said, wrote and implied
"there was little to no cost to the Texas
" regarding most of his trips.

What an allegation ... but I set out
to make a determination as to
the validity of their claim
all the same.

The first mistake I made was
thinking how simple this task would
be. And it should have been, but
the TLC put up many obstacles to
prevent determining actual travel costs
which was WHY it's taken me so long
to put this story in writing for you.

In the end, and in my opinion, I did
conclude the allegations were 100%
accurate. I also believe, when you see
the evidence, you will most likely agree.


- FYI -
Recently, the Director of the CA
Lottery was fired for excessive
& lavish spending and travels.
Unlike Texas elected officials,
whose greed supersedes
integrity, the CA Legislature
watches their lottery carefully
and protects the citizens of the State.


Important Disclaimer
I am going to report my findings.
Short and simple.
Because exact travel expenses
could NOT be fully determined
based on the documents provided
via my open records requests,
I used admissions, policies,
agreements, transcripts, news
reports & logic
to arrive at a figure.


What you will read and see ...

I will start by simply showing you the
minimum 105 trips Mr. Grief has
taken since 2014. (Five and one half years)

WHY did I say, "minimum?" Very simple.
Mr. Grief gave an interview to the Dallas
Morning News
on June 5, 2018 where
he said, "... I made trips up to the
Music Factory as it was being
... I met with
Billy Bob on occasion ...

I received no evidence of trips
to Irving, TX to oversee construction
of the Toyota Music Factory. Grief did
travel to the area for a $5 million +
ribbon cutting on April 13, 2018.
Which incidentally, the $5 million
is lottery money that, in my opinion,
was a complete waste of money.
(Will cover this in another story)

Back to why I said minimum
Then there's three hotel charges to his
State issued credit card (IBT) where there
is no indication that he was in those cities.
I had to add those trips to his list of trips.

As this story and others move on, you
will come to see that Mr. Grief has too
much freedom and is using extremely
poor judgment on spending State
money. Much of it is being spent for
his personal gain - in my humble opinion.

With the exception of including all
expenses incurred in 2014 & 2015,
I estimated the State paid a
minimum of $160,277+
for Mr. Grief's to travel the world.

Why did I say "minimum" again? Two reasons.
1) Grief's expenses are hiding in memberships, service
fees, scratch tickets and the TLC's Citibank Travel
Card. It is for this reason that you must see and
understand the monies paid to MUSL, NASPL
& World Lottery Association (WLA).

2) It was "implied" - from documents attached to
Grief's expense reports - that many of his trips
were at NO COST to the State. This meant that
the amounts shown on those documents should be
deducted from his total expenses that the State of
Texas actually paid for him to travel. I think he's
making erroneous claims and will show you why.

See the documents I'm referencing -
4 separate pdf's ... PDF 1 - PDF 2 - PDF 3, PDF 4


But Let's Have A Little Fun with
Grief's travels to lighten the impact of what
you are going to learn from this story ...

Since this writing is extensive and disturbing,
let's have a little fun and play a Trivia game
that I do NOT know the answer to (yet).

I want YOU to figure out how many miles
Grief has traveled on so called "State" business.
Let's use "as the crow flies" miles - meaning direct.

You will see his trips in the tables below -
for the purpose of this game, we'll say he
departed from Austin, TX

Send your mileage guess to me and PLEASE
put in the Subject Line, "Mileage Guess!"

I'll come up with some kind of prize
(dinner somewhere) for whoever get's
the closest. My husband is an airline
pilot and has the resources to compute
the miles for me. (Right or wrong, I will
use his figure to name a winner.)

God help me if there's a tie. I'll have no
choice but to have a "random" drawing.
(huge grin)

The deadline for getting your guess
in is Sunday, Nov 24, 2019.

OK ... here's Mr. Grief travel itinerary ....
(Trips highlighted in yellow will be covered in the story)

2019 - Minimum 14 trips (8 months)
Grief's FY 2019 Travel Vouchers (Expense Reports Through Aug 2019) - Click here to review
Date Where Purpose
Jan 29 - 30, 2019 Kansas City
No Report
Trip/Flight Canceled
Feb 19 - Feb 21, 2019 Portland, Oregon Visit Oregon Lottery
Feb 25 - Feb 28, 2019 Ft. Lauderdale, FL PGRI Smart Tech/MUSL Meeting
March 27 - March 29, 2019 Phoenix, AZ MUSL
April 3, 2019 Waco, TX
No Report
(ALTX Mgmt)
April 4 - 8, 2019 Williamsburg VA
No Travel Report
Not shown on Grief's calendar
BUT IBT CC has $236.08 charge
April 18 - April 20, 2019 New York MUSL
May 13 - May 16, 2019 Washington DC LaFleur's
May 28 - May 30, 2019 St. Louis, MO MUSL
June 16 - June 20, 2019 Williamsburg, Virginia NASPL, MM & MUSL Meeting
June 24 - June 28, 2019 Montreal, Quebec Canada LaFleur's
(See how much money was paid
to LaFleurs (TLF Publications)- a magazine
Scroll to bottom or click here)
July 22 - July 26, 2019 Phoenix, AZ NASPL
Aug 7 - Aug 9 Irving, TX IGT Sales Meeting
Aug 19 - Aug 20 Frisco, TX Cowboy Scratch ticket
press conference

2018 - Minimum 18 trips
Grief's FY 2018 Travel Vouchers (Expense Reports) - click here to review

Date Where Purpose & Comments
Jan 23 - Jan 25, 2018 San Antonio, TX Pollard
Feb 26 - March 1, 2018 Des Moines, Iowa & Portland Oregon MUSL & A tour of the Oregon Lottery
March 16, 2018 Irving TX
No Travel Report
Out of office
March 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Not on calendar.
Hyatt Place - One night ($178.25)
Grief's State Issued (IBT) Card
March 26 - March 29, 2018 Miami, FL PGRI/MUSL
April 13 (Fri), 2018 Irving, TX Toyota Music Factory
(Initially opened Sept 2017)
"Texas Lottery Plaza"
(TLC paying over $5 Million for
being the named "Plaza" sponsor
(A complete WASTE
of lottery advertising
money - IMHO)
Ribbon Cutting
May 1, 2018 Cleveland, Ohio
No Travel Report
Not on Calendar
Hilton - $231.84 -
Charge on State Issued CC (IBT)
May 9 - May 11, 2018 Kansas City MUSL
May 14 - May 16, 2018 Washington DC La Fleurs
(Hotel $349 per night - 2 nights.
Grief pd with personal money.
He's reimbursed via his expense report)
Jun 7 & 8, 2018 Houston, TX Houston Texans Summit
June 10 - June 14, 2018 Portland, ME 3 Days NASPL meetings -
One half day MUSL meeting.
June 26 - June 29, 2018 Toronto, Canada TLF Lottery - LaFleurs - Waived Registration
(Grief used his personal money - $994 -
to pay for his hotel and he was
reimbursed via his expense report)
(See how much money was paid
to LaFleurs (TLF Publications) - a magazine
Scroll to bottom or click here)
July 23 - July 27, 2018 Orlando, Florida NASPL
Alchemy3 (apps and gaming)
Aug 22 & 23, 2018 Frisco, TX Dallas Cowboys press conference
Aug 24, 2018 Cleveland
No Travel Report
Hilton International - $231.84
Charged to State Issued CC (IBT)
Sept 13 & 14, 2018 Kansas City, MO MUSL
Sept 23 - Sept 28, 2018 Cleveland, Ohio NASPL & MUSL
Oct 22 - Oct 27, 2018 New York 2 days were personal days - PGRI -
Used personal money to pay for entire
hotel ($1,321) and was reimbursed
via his expense report
Nov 16 - Nov 25, 2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina World Lottery Association (Thanksgiving)
TLC paid membership dues of $28,597.86.
Dues should have been $21,000.

2017 - Minimum 15 trips

Grief's FY 2017 Travel Vouchers (Expense Reports), click here to review

Date Where Purpose & Comments
Feb 7 - Feb 13,2017 London, England World Lottery Association (WLA)
March 7 - 10, 2017 Des Moines, Iowa MUSL & NASPL Meeting
March 19 - March 25, 2017 New York PGRI
April 25, 2017 Dallas, TX No details on calendar
and no travel report
May 8 - May 10, 2017 Washington DC No details on calendar
May 29 - May 30, 2017 Chicago IL NASPL
Retail modernization
June 4 & 5, 2017 Chicago IL
WMS Meeting (PB) Met with Sci Games but not on calendar
June 11 - June 15, 2017 Denver, CO Mostly NASPL Meetings
June 26 - Jun 30, 2017 Halifax, Nova Scotia LaFleurs
(Grief pd out of pocket for lodging. $1,324.24)
(See how much money was paid
to LaFleurs (TLF Publications)- a magazine
Scroll to bottom or click here)
July 24 - July 27, 2017 Nashville, TN NASPL
Aug 9 - Aug 11, 2017 Frisco TX Cowboys - Ford center, indoor field & IGT Sales Meeting
Aug 23 - 24, 2017 Des Moines, Iowa MUSL
Grief pd hotel
out of pocket - Reimbursed by State
Sept 11 - Sept 16, 2017 Portland, Oregon NASPL
Oct 10 & 11, 2017 Des Moines, IA MUSL
Oct 24 - Oct 28, 2017 Atlanta, GA MUSL Board Meeting & PGRI

2016 - Minimum 20 trips

Grief's FY 2016 Travel Vouchers (Expense Reports), click here to review

Grief's FY16 - Trip to Singapore - Received 10/23/19, MEMO

Date Where Purpose Comments
Jan 26 -
Jan 28
Feb 21 - Feb 22 Des Moines, Iowa MUSL
March 2 Dallas, TX Cowboys Site Visit (Sudol)
March 24
& 25
Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Event Scratch ticket promo
March 28
& 29
El Paso, TX Met Commissioner
Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria
& Commissioner Heeg
Car rented ($166.25) in Michael Angers
name. But Grief is the Director. A
great way to not increase
travel expenses!
March 30
& 31
Houston, TX
April 2 - April 9 New York PGRI Grief's Expense Report says
PGRI will pay for his lodging -
$1188.80 and MUSL will
cover all other costs.. Grief
was reimbursed $634.75
via his expense report.

PGRI's Platinum sponsors
include IGT, Sci Games,
Intralot, Pollard. The PGRI
website advertises room
rates for attendees. There's
no registration fees for lotteries
to attend PGRI Expo's.
April 19 & April 20 Dallas, TX MLB press conference
(Rangers & Astro's Scratch Ticket)
May 3 - May 6 Washington, DC LaFleurs
June 12 - June 16 Cleveland, Ohio NASPL & MUSL
June 28 -
July 1
Vancouver, Canada LaFleurs Registration Waived
(FYI - Est cost of this trip was $2,043.51)
(See how much money was paid
to LaFleurs (TLF Publications) - a magazine
Scroll to bottom or click here)
July 27 Des Moines, Iowa MUSL Spent day at DFW
due to canceled flight
Returned to Austin
Aug 1 -
Aug 5
Pittsburgh, Pa NASPL 12 Employees made this trip ....
Imagine the expense!
Aug 18 -
Aug 22
Dallas, TX Frisco Cowboys press conference
The Star - 4 nights
Sept 8 & 9 Dallas, TX MUSL Board Meeting
Sept 12 - Sept 18 Miami,
PGRI/MUSL This trip needs evaluating by someone else.
It appears, MUSL was billed for 3 night
hotel stay. Per Grief's Expense Report -
TX was billed 3 nights hotel stay
too and other out of pocket
expenses. This was 3 days
business and 3 days personal trip.
There's also an CC charge for
$238.26 - Eden Roc Beach Resort -
not listed for reimbursement on expense report.
Oct 2 -
Oct 7
Atlanta, Georgia NASPL
Oct 25 Bryan, TX (A&M) Scratch ticket presentation
Nov 3 -
Nov 10
Singapore Tradeshow -
World Lottery Summit
No cost to State??
No Expense Report
No claim form
No MEMO - MEMO Received
Dec 4 -
Dec 7
(No travel)
Hosting the LaFleur's
Lottery Conclave Conference

- 2015 - Minimum 20 trips -
- No Travel Vouchers (Expense Reports) -
(Past Retention Date)

Date Where Purpose
Jan 13 Atlanta, GA Monopoly Game/MUSL
March 5 & 6 Dallas, TX MUSL meeting ??
March 9 & 10 Dallas, TX NASPL ??
March 23 - March 25 Washington DC NASPL
March 29 - April 3 New York PGRI Smart Tech
May 1 - May 3 San Antonio, TX Tetris - Pollard
May 5 - May 8 Washington DC LaFleurs
(See how much money was paid
to LaFleurs (TLF Publications) - a magazine
Scroll to bottom or click here)
May 14 - May 15 Dallas, TX Home Giveaway (scratch ticket)
June 14 - June 18 Ontario, Canada La Fleurs
(See how much money was paid
to LaFleurs - a magazine
Scroll to bottom or click here)
June 22 - June 26 New Orleans, LA NASPL
July 20 - July 24 Seattle, WA NASPL
July 29 - July 30 Denver, CO MUSL
Sept 1 - Sept 3 Des Moines, Iowa MUSL
Sept 9 - Sept 11 Miami, FL PRGI
Sept 22 - Sept 23 Chicago, IL MUSL
Sept 29 - Sept 30 Dallas, TX Cowboys Press Conference
Oct 6 - Oct 8
Philadelphia, PA
Governor Orders Lottery
to stop pursing expanded
Met With Delaware Lottery - Pursing Fantasy Sports -
Irritated the Governor and Grief received a nasty letter!
Grief's cost was $1330. This doesn't include the
other employees that went with him.
Oct 12 - Oct 16 Dallas, TX NASPL Conference - Hosted by Texas Lottery
Oct 19 Dallas, TX WWE Launch - (scratch ticket)
Dec 1 - Dec 4 Orlando, Florida La Fleurs

2014 - Minimum 18 trips

- No Travel Vouchers (Expense Reports) -
(Past Retention Date)

Date Where Purpose
Jan 9 thru Jan 11 Ft Lauderdale ??
Feb 4, 5, 6, 7 London, England
(Not on calendar)
Feb 24 & Feb 25 Baltimore, Maryland NASPL
March 6 League City, TX Retailer - Ck Presentation
March 26 & March 27 Phoenix, AZ MUSL
March 31 thru April 6 New York PGRI
April 6 April 9 St Louis, MO ??
June 1 - June 4 Washington DC ??
June 16 - June 20 *Manchester, NH NASPL & MUSL & MM
July 15 & July 16 Dallas, T X Rent Car - MUSL
July 21 - July 25 Charlotte, NC NASPL
August 14 & August 15 Atlanta, GA G-Tech Sales
Meeting & MUSL
Sept 9 - Sept 12 Miami, Florida MUSL -
Sept 22 Houston, TX Rep. Garnet Coleman
Sept 28 - Oct 3 Atlantic City, NJ NASPL Conference - Aside from
the normal delegation of TLC employees,
TX sent an additional 10 employees to
watch and learn. Imagine what that cost!
Changes to Powerball.
Oct 30 Waco, TX Representative Doc Anderson
Oct 31 - Nov 8
Conference date was really
Monday Nov 3 - Wed Nov 5, 2014
Rome, Italy WLA - NASPL is paying for travel ???
Between Jan 2, 2013 and May 7, 2019,
Texas paid NASPL $341,263. I think,
in reality, TX paid for this trip.
Nov 16 - Nov 19 Austin
No Travel
Dec 2 Dallas, TX MUSL
(Flew to Dallas)

WOW ... Have You Ever Seen So Much Travel?

And the best part is, Mr. Grief only goes to the
office 4 days a week - when he's in town, of course!

(He telecommutes on Friday's)

What a PERK!


Mr. Grief is supposed to be running a STATE
lottery. As was explained to me, most of
the "meetings" he attends could and should
be done by teleconference. There is
absolutely no need for this much
travel at taxpayer expense.

Imagine ... not only does he travel at the
State's expense, but he also acquires airline
frequent flyer miles and hotel points which
he can use for his personal use not to mention
the "comp" time he's accruing which
definitely affects taxpayers.

What a PERK!

Arriving At Gary Grief's Actual Travel Expenses ...
I need to explain how and why I arrived at
Mr. Grief's travel expenses. You see, Mr. Grief
would have you believe that many of his expenses
were reimbursed to the State by MUSL, NASPL
and/or WLA via a "Claim Form.". But in the end, I
determined those expenses were NOT "reimbursed,"
rather, I concluded, "service fees" paid up front
were returned to the State under the pretense
funding Grief's travels. Also, licensing scratch
games played a huge financial role too.

At the beginning of this story, I said that
based on admissions, policies, agreements,
transcripts, news reports & logic
was the
methodology I was forced to use in order
to determine Grief's travels & total expenses.


So here's how and why ...

1) World Lottery Association (WLA)

Transcripts & Admissions

In a nutshell, Grief contends the State of Texas will not
have to pay for any of his travels to WLA events.
I contend Texas has paid every penny of his travels
by way of inflated membership dues. As you will see,
he admits as much and the dues paid speak for themselves.

April 16, 2014 CM Meeting
Gary Grief speaking: "And while I believe that membership in the WLA would be
extremely beneficial to our State as the European lotteries, quite frankly, are more
advanced than U.S. lotteries and there is much that we can learn from the European
lottery experience, the challenges and limitations related to actually attending WLA
meetings due to our State travel guidelines and restrictions make it less than practical
to be a member of WLA. And I communicated that information to the WLA. After
the WLA received that information and went back and had a discussion with their
membership, they have now offered us and opportunity to join WLA in a special membership
that would include certain travel reimbursable for the purpose of attending WLA meetings
The total annual cost for this membership would be $21,000
, and my intent is to have the
Texas Lottery join the WLA for one year and then monitor the benefits of that membership and
reevaluate that at the end of that one-year time period."

"Going to London" ...
Gary Grief said Feb 2, 2017 Commission Meeting

"I want to inform the Commission that I have been invited by the
World Lottery Association or the WLA, as it's known, to deliver
a keynote address and serve on a panel at the Annual WLA
and European Lotteries Conference that will be held next week
in London. The conference will be February 8th through the 10th.
The WLA will be taking care of all my travel expenses,
meaning that there will be no cost to the State; and we have
sent letters to our legislative oversight committees to that effect
informing them as well."

But at the Feb 13, 2014 CM Meeting, Gary Grief said ...
"With that said, and after a lengthy discussion with
WLA, I believe they are going to put forth some type
of proposal to us for membership that would include
some type of reimbursable travel from WLA.
I'll be working closely with Kathy Pyka and our budget
staff in Texas State government and see if that might
pass muster under our standards. If it does, I'll
obviously bring that back before the
Commission for a discussion."

See Membership Dues to join WLA ($21,000)

Looks like they did exactly that! Obviously, they increased
the dues so you could say - pretend - travel was covered
by WLA. Here's what TX has paid each year.

Total Paid By The State of Texas - $143,369.40

In 2016, Gary Grief sent letters to Senator Nelson and
Representative Gonzales
stating that [expenses to travel
to Singapore] "will be covered under the Texas
Lottery's membership with WLA
." Problem is,
he didn't tell them that in FY15 & FY16, the TLC
paid $60,539.34 for memberships rather than
$42,000. To me, this is lying by omission.

In 2017, again Mr. Grief sent letters to Senator Nelson
and Representative Gonzales informing them that there
was NO COST to the State for his international
(London) travel
. Obviously, this was not a true
statement - in my humble opinion- because
dues were increased from $21,000 to
$26,994 to cover Grief's travels.

In this MEMO, Mr. Grief State's that "travel expenses are
reimbursable via the TLC WLA Membership dues.

In essence, WLA has simply reimbursed TX from
the increased membership dues. Logically speaking
and based on the amount paid for dues, it appears,
this is the arrangement Grief negotiated with them.
Mr. Grief is smooth, he admits - at times - that
the cost is associated with membership dues.

I covered the WLA membership extensively in
what was technically Part 3 of this series.


2) NASPL - North American Association of
State and Provincial Lotteries

Transcripts, Admissions, Trade Magazine

10/16/14 CM Meeting -
Mr. Grief speaking ... "And last on my list, I'll be attending the WLA
Conference, or WLA as it's known. That's going to be held in Rome, Italy,
October 31st through November 4th
. As you know, Texas is a member of the
World Lottery Association, but I want to be clear that all the costs associated
with my travel are going to be picked up by NASPL
in my official capacity as
immediate past president, and no costs will be borne by the State of Texas
for this travel.

Let's see here ...

, unless the Texas Lottery was a "contributor"
or a "volunteer," I don't think Grief's presence was necessary on
Oct 31 or Nov 1. They were building exhibits for the Trade Show
on those days. Not to mention that conferences are generally 3 days!

Nov 2 - 5, 2014 Rome
- See Outrageous Conference Fees & Dates -

Second, Between Jan 2, 2013 and May 7, 2019, Texas
paid NASPL a whopping $341,263. The checks were labeled
membership dues, service fees, registration fees, training etc.
Why would there be "service fee's" paid to an organization?

Third, The TLC took what I would consider - as well as staff -
TWO ineligible scratch ticket names - Scoop the Cash #1624
& Scoop the Cash Blackjack #1712 and turned them
into licensed property games.

The TLC paid NASPL $102,816.pdf + for Scoop the Cash
#1624 just so the TLC could print and sell this game. NASPL
also received a percentage of sales. I do not know what
the TLC paid for the Scoop the Cash Blackjack yet.
(NOTE: You cannot obtain this document - Needs
and Risk Assessments - from the TLC

Tell me, how is the name "Scoop the Cash" considered
a "well known, branded concept" that would qualify to license.
The TLC once said, "Licensed Property games are specialty games
that feature the name and likeness or recognizable pop culture icons like
Betty Boop, fads or themes like American Idol, popular game shows like
Wheel of Fortune or popular race car drivers, in order to attract fans
of that particular game.

How does the name "Scoop the Cash" meet these standards?

Not only did Grief take advantage of Texas Lottery players
with these games, but based on his comments during an interview
with a trade magazine, "it created alternate funding mechanisms
that will support many of the "complimentary services" now
offered by NASPL and allow us to explore other services in the
." It is rather evident that Grief's reasons were self serving.

What did they do for you? Send you to Rome?

What a PERK!

Of the many things I've seen the lottery do, this is near the top
of the list of horrible injustices against lottery players - it's
disingenuous and a complete waste of taxpayer money.
Mr. Grief, in my opinion, is using State money to enable
his personal desires. It's a shame. This money could
have been used in so many GOOD ways.

Is this how he's paying for those custom made suits?


- 3) MUSL -
- The MUSL Agreement Tells Another Story -
Service Fee's Galore & Another Licensed Game

It was always my intent to figure Mr. Grief's expenses as accurately as
humanly possible. Under no circumstances did I want to mislead anyone
or put out any FAKE news. Attached to many of Grief's Travel Vouchers
were "Claim Forms" with the vast majority addressed to MUSL.
The "claim forms" are "expense reports" submitted to
MUSL for reimbursement to the State of Texas for travels.
(I showed you these claim forms at the beginning of this story)

When I saw these, I was baffled to say the least. It appeared
to me that I needed to deduct these expenses from Grief's
total expenses because the State had been reimbursed.

My immediate problem was that I didn't believe
MUSL was paying this much money for their
members to travel. I'm really not that naive and I
do not believe in FREE LUNCHES. I wondered ...
How could a Non-Profit possibly afford this? Are the
Lotteries using lottery sales monies to live a life of luxury?

The Actions I Took At This Point
First - I asked the TLC to provide me with whatever
documents they had that would show the State received
Grief's expense money and it WAS deposited into the bank.

How Did The Texas Lottery Respond?
They sent me a bill for nearly $500 to obtain documents.
(As I answered this question for you, I'm laughing,
but I promise you - it was not funny at the time
Imagine that!! So later I revised my request and asked
for only 4 or 5 receivables for given Document numbers.
They waited 10 days then asked a senseless question.

Next I started digging, calling and researching. I pulled
the MUSL Lottery Agreement to see what it said.

Oooops ... I found a direct contradiction in
MUSL reimbursing travel expenses on page 4 ....

Excerpts from the MUSL "Agreements" ...

(Last Updated July 24, 2013)

Well now ...
Each lottery pays his own way unless approved by the board.

For those of you who may not know, MUSL is a Non-
Profit Organization. Each year a budget is prepared and
approved to cover operational cost and each lottery
contributes through "Service Fees." Travel expenses
CAN be included in the "service fee's" paid by the States.

Colossal Service Fees Paid ...

Between May 7, 2014 through
Sept 4, 2018 (which is FY19), Texas
paid a whopping $786,006.39 in Service Fee's
to MUSL. WOW ... That's a bunch of money!
(This does not include the gross amount of $950
million transferred in prize monies for MM and PB

It is noteworthy and interesting that in
FY19 Texas, so far, TX has only paid the
actual costs for TX to play Powerball in
service fees. Having pointed this out, in
a minute you will see where they paid
MUSL to license a scratch ticket.

MUSL's 2017 Tax Return and other documents
show TX actual costs due yearly is $62,838
for product (Powerball). Then of course, TX
would pay their share of Operational expenses
but at this time, I do not know how much that is.

I contacted MUSL. I wanted to find out about
the budgets, operational cost and travel expenses.
Here's excerpts from emails I received from MUSL ...

Excerpts - MUSL's Executive Director Bret Toyne's Emails ...
"The MUSL Board of Directors approves an annual budget.
The MUSL budget is an accumulation of the Product Group budgets.
Each Product Group determines how its budget is allocated but generally
the approved budget is allocated based on the member lotteries sales
of the particular product. The Product Group budgets would most
likely include the expense categories you have referenced.

You would need to request jurisdiction specific information
from that particular jurisdiction."

I requested copies of the Budgets from the TLC
to which they replied ... "There are no documents
responsive to your request

Bottom Line
Obviously ... Travel expenses are included in
MUSL's budgets. Budgets are funded through the
State's paying "Service Fees." Why would the TLC,
by including "Claim Forms" to expense report, imply
plus specifically write "expenses will be reimbursed"
when Texas is sending them the money to give back?

Here's how it works ... Initially, Texas pays for Grief's
trips - except hotels on MUSL related trips - then
when MUSL receives an expense report from Grief,
they pay TX back. Problem is, it appears the money
coming back was money paid in Service Fee's to MUSL.

Imagine, the TLC doesn't have their Powerball budget yet
MUSL's IRS Form, 501 C, Form 990, Part VI, Section C, Line 19
Explanation says ... "The organization's governing documents
and financial statements are made available for public
inspection through MUSL's member lotteries.
Clearly a "budget" is a governing document -
at least according to the IRS.

Guess this means Grief has something to hide -
much like Trump and his tax returns. Huh?

Read the Multi-State Lottery Association Rules &
Powerball Group Rule - Budgets covered on page 36

Another Licensed Game .... This Time By MUSL
How much did the TLC pay MUSL to license,
print & sell this game? I wonder, is this WHY
TX has only paid $62K in service fees in FY19?

Are the words, "10X" a well known brand like Cowboys,
Houston Texans, Monopoly, Harley Davidson? Of
course NOT. The Texas Lottery is overstepping their
boundaries using state money and showing favoritism
by licensing games where the names do NOT qualify.
These names "10X" or "Scoop the Cash" are not well
known or branded names in any way, shape or form.

This game began Dec 3, 2018 and is ending soon. If
you look at the lower left hand corner on the back of
this ticket, it reads, "10X is a trademark of the Multi
State Lottery Association and is used under license.

You may not understand the significance but IF anything
was paid to MUSL to print and sell this game, whatever
was paid to MUSL would have been taken from the
players prize pool meaning players were ultimately
screwed. It's most likely the money being reimbursed
to TX claiming MUSL is paying for Grief's travels.

In another segment of this series, I plan to show you
how they are inflating the value of the 2nd Chance
prizes. Financial advisers are advising players
NOT to collect the so called "prize" because
the player has to pay tax on a greatly inflated value.
Tiny example: Does anyone believe that if you won
a 5 night trip to Houston, Arlington, Austin or
Corpus that the value of it would be $5000?
In my opinion, they are cheating you
big time.

In concluding the reasons for NOT
deducting the expenses supposedly reimbursed ...

I'll let stand all costs actually paid by the State of TX
for Mr. Grief's travels. Now I need to explain his
lodging/hotel expenses. I have to add those that were
not paid by the State initially for Grief's expenses ...


Determining Grief's Hotel Expenses
Was A Major Undertaking ...

I received travel reports dating back to 2016. The
kicker is that "Lodging/Hotels" figures were NOT
included for the most part. I had to come up
with lodging costs for what I thought was an
approx. 27 trips
so my travel expense total
would be as close to accurate as humanly
possible. (FYI - See how much they
wanted me to pay to obtain
Grief's Travel Reports,
Click here)

Before I go any further, let me remind you
that the TLC did NOT provide me with copies
of ALL of Mr. Grief credit card statements. Open
records said the statements "were not available"
with no other explanation. I requested 3 years which
should have been 36 statements. I received 13 statements.

Policies & An Agreement ... Grief's Credit Card
Mr. Grief has a State issued credit card. It's called an
"IBT" travel card. One guideline in having this card
is under NO circumstances can an employee
use the CC for personal use.
It's to be used
ONLY for State business

When an employee receives a State issued credit
card, he's required to sign a "Charge Card
" The Comptroller of TX and the
TLC (Controllers Office - Kathy Pyka)
receives a monthly charge report from
Citibank for direct oversight.

Hmm ... I thought when learning this tidbit.

If you will recall, it was Kathy Pyka's job to insure
that the TLC's prize payment checking account was
balanced every month. As it turned out, that account
was not balanced for 5 years. Millions was missing and
unaccounted for plus there was fraudulent activity as
a direct result of not balancing the check book.

How Ms. Pyka kept her job was puzzling at the time ...
and now she's got oversight of her bosses IBT card?

After extensively working on Mr. Grief's travel
expenses, I think Mrs. Pyka is still lacking on her
oversight duties! I say this because I found 3
questionable charges on Mr. Grief's IBT card.
Because his agreement states all charges
must be for State business and no personal use

is allowed, I did include these charges while
computing his hotel expenses plus I added the
trips to his travels shown above. (Where
you are trying to figure miles traveled. The
questionable trips are highlighted in yellow.)

For these 3 charges, I never received a travel
voucher and the trips were not shown on his
calendars. Additionally, I could find no costs
for airfare in the spreadsheets I received
from the Comptroller of TX which shows all
of Grief's travels and expenses. I would think
Ms. Pyka would have questioned these charges
and at least provided documents to substantiate them.

Here's the questionable/unexplained hotel expenses ...
For the heck of it, you should look up the
Kingsmill Resort - talk about first class!

(You will see Grief's IBT charges on one of the tabs
on his Travel spreadsheet showing all cost

Exhibit A - Excerpted from all IBT charges I received from the Comptroller of TX

Exhibit B - Excerpts from Grief's credit card statements obtained via Open Records.

Here's Gary Grief's calendar for April 4, 2019 ... I don't see that he went to Virginia.
If you would like to view his calendars yourself, I have links in the tables above.

Not only was this discovery necessary to explain hidden travel
costs, it also shows why I said a "minimum" of 105 trips!

This spreadsheet shows ALL Citibank charges -
Includes Procurements, Travel CC and IBT CC
charges. A very interesting file! (This is NOT
the spreadsheet showing Grief travels.)
(Click here to see spreadsheet in its entirety - xls)


About the enormous payments to LaFleurs Magazine

Because LaFleurs seems to "waive" registration
fees for Mr. Grief, then I find it necessary to include
monies paid to them. I added the "waived" registration
fees to Grief's travel expenses. All total, there were 5
fees waived at $380 each. (The fees could have
varied but I just used this one dollar amount)

LaFleurs Magazine (TLF Publications) received a
whopping $130,290 between Nov 2, 2012 through
June 5, 2019. The monies supposedly paid for a
subscription to their magazine, registration fees,
reference books and the such.

I feel it is a tragic waste of money to pay
registration fees to conferences held in Austin.
The reason I say this is that TLC employees
are often times the speakers! Anyway ....

In my opinion, the monies paid to LaFleurs benefited
Mr. Grief. I say this because LaFleurs produced a video
(2015) showing Mr. Grief strongly endorsing/selling what
became a colossal loss for the lotteries - the Monopoly
draw game. Miraculously that video disappeared from
the web after the game's failure - I wonder why?

I contacted the Texas Lottery first to obtain
a copy of the video but they said it wasn't theirs.
Rather, they said, it belonged to LaFleurs so I
would need to contact them for a copy of it.

So, I tried to contact LaFleurs to obtain the video,
but they wouldn't give me the time of day. I had a link
posted to the video on my site
until it disappeared
(Read 1/23/15 entry). Mr. Grief didn't want people
to see the role he played in costing the State millions
rather than making millions in profits!

It is my opinion, that of the many things the TLC has done to
cheat lottery players, this is one of the worst. They announced
winners via a press release and US mail, then secretly took
their prizes away using intimidation. Texas was the ONLY
State to not honor prizes won. All other State's absorbed
the losses to maintain integrity.

Is It Really Necessary For Mr. Grief To Travel This Much?

Absolutely not. Short and simple, NO.

Lotteries around the world use the same lottery vendors
like G-Tech/IGT, Sci Games, and Intralot. Why spend money
when your vendors can and do tell you about other games
in other State's/Countries. Much like the All or Nothing game
that was played elsewhere in the world
prior to TX offering it.
But Mr. Grief claimed the Texas Lottery, through "hard work,"
invented the game. And I'm not joking.

It is also important to note that video's are made
of the speakers and is available for lotteries to spare
them the expenses of travels. Most lotteries can NOT
attend these so called "conferences."

Finally, let me say, many of the reasons Grief gives
for traveling are things that are NOT legal in TX
and/or in the USA. For instance, foreign countries
are more advanced than the United States in
internet gambling. Sports betting is not legal here
either. Though if Mr. Grief had it his way, it would
be. Noteworthy - is the extra days he spends in
these cities and countries.

Dallas Morning News Nov 9, 2015....
Governor orders TX Lottery to stop
pursing expanded gambling

As for the MUSL meetings, if you ask me, I think
the directors get together to share idea's on how to
trick and cheat players so they can increase their
unclaimed prize monies. So that you know, for the most
part, they arrive the night before a meeting scheduled
for the next morning, they meet for 4 hours then they
hurry to the airport to catch flights home. Some might
meet and have drinks & dinner, breakfast or
lunch before heading home.

These meetings should be held via conference
calls and/or video conferencing and let
the monies spent for luxury travel go to
schools, animal shelters or St Jude's.

Finally, Here's Mr. Grief's Unbelievable
Travel Expenses For Your Perusal ...

This one Excel spreadsheet has 3 tabs ...

"Grief's Total Travels" contains all "known" travel dates, costs,
and comments. You will see, starting on row 647 of the spreadsheet,
where I added in expenses not found on Grief's travel vouchers.

"Grief Airfare" is airfare only and may not be 100% complete.

"Grief IBT" shows all charges made to his State issued credit card.

Click here
and enjoy.

- Director Fired Over Questionable Travels & Spending -
Lottery Mismanagement Allows for Poor Spending (CA Controller Report) , Click here
Audit of CA Lottery finds over $305,000 in improper or dubious spending, Click here
CA Lottery director steps down amid controversy, pressure from Governor's office, Click here
California State Lottery director stepping down amid investigations, Click here


A Special Note To Gary Grief and/or the Texas Lottery
I have reported my findings as best as I could based on the documents
provided and NOT provided. IF you have corrections, please
feel free to advise so I can correct any errors. If you have
disputes that can be documented - by budgets, itemized
invoices/statements - again, please submit. I will correct
any errors that I may have made. It is always my intent
to report honestly, accurately and fairly.


- A Must Read -
Complaint Letter to Governor Abbott
Posted 11/9/19 - Click here
Exhibits to letter:
Exhibits A - D - Click here
Exhibits E - J - Click here


TX Attorney General Stabbing Lottery Players
If you ever needed proof that our elected officials only
cared about your money with no consumer protection,
this is it! The AG will allow the TLC to sell deceptive tickets,
inflate prize amounts causing you to pay higher taxes, and allows
the TLC to not be transparent. To just name a few things!
Posted 10/20/19 - Click here



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