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Texas Lottery Commission
The Perks of Running A Lottery ...

Introduction to another series of incredible stories
that warrant a full scale independent investigation.

It involves questionable, senseless spending
of taxpayer money (sponsorships, travels
& advertising), lies by omission, inflating
taxable second chance prize amounts,
licensing of non-qualified scratch
games, abuse of state benefits
plus much more.


But Before Reading the Stories ....
Read My Complaint Letter To The
Honorable Governor Greg Abbott

Governor Abbott holds the highest office in the State
and has oversight of everything. He, in my opinion,
is the only person who could and should call
for an independent investigation. In this case,
it is in the BEST interst of the state because we
are talking about a huge waste of taxpayer money.

Read my 11/5/19 letter ... Click here

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Interesting Note
(I mailed this letter on Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019 and
as fate would have it, on Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019
a top prize winning ticket was sold by the very
store I reported in this letter to the Governor.
This winning ticket, IF sold via the app, was
not legally purchased and should not be paid.)


brought to you by
The Lotto Report

Originally Posted: Nov 7, 2019
Revised: Nov 9, 2109

A Most Incredible & Unbelievable Series of Stories ...

Lotto Report Investigates ...


Editorials and Opinions by Dawn Nettles
Publisher, The Lotto Report


Links will be active on the date the story is posted.

- Part One -
The Texas Lottery and Director Gary Grief
causes many delays in obtaining documents
to investigates and write this story. So I posted
this first ... "A Story About A Story."
You will see where one could easily
question if documents provided were
altered. This would be a violation of law.
Aug 11, 2019.
Texas Lottery Lacks Transparency

- Part Two -
Details pertaining to the TLC's
responses to my open records requests.
Unbelievable. It is quite obvious they don't
want to provide any information to me.
Aug 11, 2019 -
An Open Records Nightmare

- Part Three -
International travel paid for by
the World Lottery Association is
what Mr. Gary Grief wants everyone
to believe. But is this TRUE? Did they
alter these documents too? Aug 21, 2019
- Running A Red Light To Travel

- Part Four -
Lavish travels - a minimum 105 trips at
a cost of a minimum of $160K. But were
these trips really paid for by the state?
See how much was paid in service fees,
inflated memberships and scratch tickets
that were licensed by the very
organization Mr. Grief says paid for
his travels. Was this act equivalent to
stealing prize monies from the players?
Plus, this story offers a fun contest for
the person who can guess Mr. Griefs
miles traveled! Oct 21, 2019 -
Director Grief's Favorite Pastime, Traveling

- Part Five -
Complaint Letter To Governor Abbott
Read 11/5/19 letter ... Click here
Exhibits to letter:
Exhibits A - D - Click here
Exhibits E - J - Click hereClick

- Part Six -
To Come

- Part Seven -
To Come

- Part Eight -
To Come


Texas Lottery Commissioners
(As of 11/9/19)
Chairman J. Winston Krause

(Tax Law, Estate Planning &
Probate, Business Law)
504 W. 13th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Telephone: 512-477-6707
Fax: 512-477-6708
April 2009
(Chairman effective Sept 1, 2013)

Commissioner Robert Rivera
FMSbonds, Inc
(214) 302-2246
Served as a City of Arlington
Council Member (since 2005 - 2017)
Appointed August 3, 2015
Expires February 1, 2021

Commissioner Mark A Franz
Real Estate Developer & Investor
Austin, TX
Appointed May 7, 2019
Expire on February 1, 2025

Commissioner Erik Saenz
Managing Member of ECS Inc
Quest LNG Partners, LLC.
Co-founder of LNG 21, LLC
Currently serves on the Board of
Directors as Chief Accounting Officer.
Serves as Vice Chairman of the Harris County
Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation
Foster for Animal Justice League - an avid
supporter of various animal rescue organizations.
Appointed Aug 13, 2019
Expires on February 1, 2023


In Dedication To ...
The MANY outstanding, honest and hard working
Texas Lottery employees - both current and former -
who have shown real integrity in light of extreme
adversity. Knowing that you know right from wrong
and what's appropriate and not appropriate
behavior and actions is truly appreciated.
May your workplace enviornment improve
as a direct result of this investigative story.



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